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Purdue University Executive Memoranda Master Listing

(Supersedes Executive Memorandum No. A-2, dated July 2, 1946)

January 15, 1977

To: Deans, Directors, and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments, and Offices

Re: Personnel Services Advisory Committee

In 1946 the Board of Trustees of Purdue University authorized appointment of the Faculty Clerical Committee to make recommendations concerning policies and procedures for clerical personnel. In 1964 the name of the committee was changed from the Clerical-Service Personnel Committee to the Personnel Administration Advisory Committee. In 1966, by letter from the President of the University, the membership was again enlarged.

The purpose of this memorandum is to include the above changes and to reflect: (1) a change in the committee's name; (2) a broader scope of the committee's responsibilities; and (3) the composition of the committee's membership.

  1. Purposes and Responsibilities of the Committee

    1. To consider, review, and make recommendations to the University's administration regarding the formulation and change of policies and benefits affecting conditions of employment of the non-academic staffs of the University (administrative/professional, clerical/service, and student employees).

    2. To provide professional and management consultation and assistance to the Director of Personnel Services., the Director of Staff Benefits, Payroll and Insurance, and the Budget Administrator in developing and reviewing policies, regulations, and procedures which relate to non-academic personnel services and administration.

    3. To review and advise in the area of wage and salary administration for clerical/service staff and student employees, including such areas as job classifications and evaluations, acceptance of quarterly classification reports, and wage scales.

    4. To consider and make recommendation regarding job classification and evaluating appeals involving clerical/ service staff on the West Lafayette campus.

  2. Name

    This committee shall be known as the Personnel Services Advisory Committee.

  3. Membership

    1. The committee shall be comprised of the following permanent members:

      1. A member of the Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee

      2. Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer

      3. Budget Administrator

      4. Director of Buildings and Grounds -- Physical Plant

      5. Director of Personnel Services

      6. Director of Staff Benefits, Payroll and Insurance

      7. Personnel/Payroll Manager, Calumet Campus

      8. Personnel/Payroll Manager, Fort Wayne Campus

      9. Personnel/Purchasing Manager, North Central Campus

      10. Provost (or designee)

      11. Vice President for Housing and Food Services (or designee)

      12. Vice President for Student Services (or designee)

    2. In addition to the permanent members, the committee shall include three faculty members from three academic schools who are interested in or concerned with the personnel problems and policies of non-academic staff members.

      Each appointment shall be for three years and in such manner that the term of one of the three appointees shall expire each year.

      New faculty members will be officially appointed to the committee by the President based upon recommendations from the Director of Personnel Services.

    3. The chairman of the committee shall be the Director of Personnel Services.

    4. A staff member from the Department of Personnel Services shall serve as a non-voting secretary to the committee.

Arthur G. Hansen