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Purdue University Executive Memoranda Master Listing

(Supersedes Executive Memorandum No. A- 199)
and Section III.1 of Executive Memorandum A-209
See Business Manager's Memorandum No. 157
Superseded by C-25 dated February 28, 1992)

May 15, 1974

To: Deans, Directors, and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

Re: Delineation of Purpose and Responsibilities of the University Development Office

  1. Purpose

    The University Development Office has been established to conduct annual, capital and deferred gift fund-raising activities and public relations programs on behalf of Purdue University. The University Development Office will coordinate the fund-raising activities (as defined in Scope) of Purdue University and will serve in an advisory capacity to any staff member involved in such activities.

    The cultivation and solicitation of gifts for Purdue University are highly desirable when done in a manner consistent with the dignity and welfare of the University. For this reason, no School, Division, Department, Office or individual will engage in fund-raising activities without first informing the University Development Office of such activities. This is necessary to avoid multiple approaches being made to the same prospect.

    The University Development Office will also be responsible for coordinating the receipt and acknowledgement of all gifts and loans which are made to the University.

  2. Scope

    For our purposes, the terms "development" and "fund-raising" refer to those activities which are intended to result in the receipt of gifts and loans, including moneys, materials, equipment, and supplies, but exclusive of any contribution effectively constituting a grant or contract.

    Contributions, which effectively constitute a grant or contract, are to be routinely administered by the Division of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Contract Administration, and have one or more of the following characteristics:

    1. The receipt is the result of a proposal for sponsoring a program or project and is covered by a written agreement between the sponsor and the University.

    2. There are formal financial, technical, and/or activity reports required by the sponsor and the sponsor is entitled to these specific reports or other facts and conclusions resulting from the use of the funds.

    3. The sponsor has a brochure for the administration of the agreement.

    4. There are specific limitations concerning patents, copyrights, publications, or the use and ownership of equipment.

    5. The unused portion of the grant is revocable if the grant is not being used to the sponsor's satisfaction.

    6. Funds are received by the University to be allocated by a University committee to support a specified purpose, e.g., Cancer Research Awards, or are received by the University for use by a group of professors working in a designated field or discipline, or a particular laboratory, in advancing their respective programs. Funds received which fall in this category alone should be reviewed with the Business Administrator for the University Development Office prior to processing.

    7. Funds are received for use by a designated professor in advancing his research and/or educational program.

    Funds received from these sources are considered to be sponsored programs and are to be received and administered in accordance with Executive Memoranda A-266 and A-268.

    Included in the term "development" are those activities designed to secure deferred gifts, specifically: 1) bequests; 2) life insurance; 3) charitable gift annuities; 4) pooled life income agreements; 5) charitable remainder unitrusts; 6) charitable remainder annuity trusts.

  3. Implementation and Specific Responsibilities

    Effective immediately, recipient departments will be responsible for notifying the University Development Office of gifts and loans immediately upon receipt. Notification is to be made by use of President's Office Form Number 41, Gift and Loan Report. Cash gifts and cash items such as checks should be deposited immediately by the recipient department through the Bursar's Office into the Cash-Pending and Clearing account.

    Material contributions received by the Library and contributions received by the Division of Financial Aids for student loans, and contributions received for Graduate School Fellowships will be reported separately and specific instructions will be the subject of separate documents. The Purdue Alumni Foundation and the University Development Office have several programs which are interrelated, and separate procedures are also required to cover these programs.

    The Business Administrator for the University Development Office will:

    1. Review the nature of gifts to insure that they are in the best interests of the University. Questionable items, such as those that could represent a liability to the University (e.g. real estate, equipment requiring excessive maintenance, etc.), will be brought to the attention of the Chief Development Officer and to the attention of the Vice President and Treasurer through the Business Manager and Assistant Treasurer for review with interested parties and a determination made of acceptability.

    2. Coordinate the receipt and processing of the gift or loan with other appropriate departments and offices in accordance with existing policies and procedures.

    3. Receive and consider recommendations from departments of appropriate accounts from which a gift is to be administered, and, finally, determine and approve the account by authority delegated from the Chief Accountant.

    4. Maintain a centralized file on donors including all correspondence and gift records for the University.

    5. Prepare the report on gifts and loans for the Board of Trustees as required.

    6. Remind departments of appropriate follow-up action if informal reports as to the use of a gift or loan are requested by the donor or the Chief Development Officer for purposes of further cultivation.

This policy is to be implemented in accordance with procedural directives to be distributed by the Business Manager's Office, under separate cover.

Arthur G. Hansen