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Purdue University Executive Memoranda Master Listing

(Supersedes Executive Memorandum No. A-40)

March 26, 1973
To: Deans, Directors, and Heads of Schools, Divisions, Departments and Offices

Re: University Policy and Regulations on Nepotism

Questions are often raised about the precise nature of the University's nepotism regulation. To help clarify the matter, the Indiana law on nepotism and the policy of the Board of Trustees are reissued for reference.

Indiana State law contains the following provision concerning nepotism:

That no person being related to any member of any state board or commission, or to the head of any state office or department or institution, as father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, a husband or wife, son or daughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law, niece or nephew, shall be eligible to any position in any such state board, commission, office or department or institution, as the case may be, nor shall any such relative be entitled to receive any compensation for his or her services out of any appropriation now or hereafter provided by law.

In compliance with the spirit and intent of this law, the Trustees of Purdue University established the following policy concerning nepotism, effective 1 July 1951 (amended to include the provost).

  1. To govern the employment policy of all schools, divisions, departments and offices of the University, the provision of the State law is hereby extended to apply to the employment of members of the family or relatives as defined in the law, of all University employees responsible in any manner whatsoever for the hiring of personnel, including the provost, vice presidents, comptroller, deans, directors, managers and heads of departments and offices, with respect to the employment of persons whose work is under their administrative control and direction.

Except as set forth in the statute and by Trustees' action cited above, there are no restrictions on the employment by the University of members of the same family.

Arthur G. Hansen