The Purdue Brand

What's in a brand? You might think of logos, colors or taglines when you hear the word "brand" or "branding." But those are tools we use to reflect the brand. An organization's brand is living and breathing and continually evolving. And it can mean different things to different people. A brand is the total experience — perceptions, expectations and emotional connections — that someone has with that organization.

As a university, our brand defines who we are, our attributes, personality and values. Our brand encompasses what makes Purdue University better, special and different from our peers.


A brand vision is the foundational layer that the brand is built upon. The vision explains WHAT we aim to achieve. A clear vision is a depiction of a desired result that motivates, energizes and helps an organization describe its destination.

Purdue's Brand Vision

Purdue University will set the pace for new interdisciplinary collaboration that will serve citizens worldwide as a global center for intellectual academic excellence with advancements in science, technology, social and humanitarian efforts to promote prosperity and a quality of life.


We are Purdue. What we make moves the world forward.®


Brand drivers are the unique and differentiating benefits the brand offers that meet target audience needs and drive choice. That is, they are relative to the competition and relevant to the audience.

Points of Difference

  • Strong STEM programs, research and reputation (including agriculture and aeronautics).
  • Emphasis on experiential learning and real-world application.
  • Nurturing environment for learning, innovation.
  • Large, diverse, international population.

Points of Parity

  • Rich heritage and tradition.
  • Land-grant mission.
  • A leading global center of academic excellence.


If Purdue were a person, how would you describe him or her? Brand personality identifies the human characteristics that are attributed to a brand. Purdue's brand personality is: ENERGETIC AND OPTIMISTIC VISIONARY.

Our look, feel, voice and actions should always be:

How We Think of Purdue

  • Energetic: Dynamic. Enthusiastic. Vibrant.
  • Focused: Purposeful. Determined. Mindful.
  • Reliable: Trustworthy. Dependable.Practical.

How We Feel about Purdue

  • Optimistic: Confident. Hopeful. Positive.
  • Curious: Inquisitive. Driven. Thoughtful.
  • Open: Diverse. Approachable. Inclusive.


Brand values are what a brand stands for, the things it holds dear and the principles that define how it behaves. Our brand values are:

  • Knowledge.
  • Connections.
  • Curiosity.
  • Determination.
  • Belief in a better future.


The brand proposition is the most inspiring and compelling thing we can convey about the brand to our target audience. Our brand proposition is: Catalyst to Transform Lives.

  • Confidence in their ability to make an impact on the world upon graduation.
  • Assurance that they will be intellectually challenged and set up for success.
  • That Purdue is a nurturing environment with attention to meeting diverse needs, and it is not so large that they'll get lost.
  • Parents need to know that their child will fit in, will have the resources they need and will be equipped to succeed upon graduation.
  • To be able to envision their future and see how Purdue will help them get there.

Download Brand Guides

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