Under the Delegation of President's Authority policy (V.B.5) policy, administrative authority and responsibility for Marketing and Media, including Brand Management, are among the activities delegated to the Vice President for Public Affairs.

Marketing and Media is the administrative unit within Public Affairs that is tasked with the management and protection of the University's Brand as well as its federally registered and established by-use trademarks. Marketing and Media governs brand integrity and consistency among all stakeholders through its established standards for the University Brand and its related Trademarks and Licensing policies.

Campuses/Schools/Academic and Administration Departments and Other Entities Representing the University

Staff with marketing communications responsibilities within the West Lafayette campus units and any entity representing the interests of the University, throughout its system, must comply with the current brand standards and trademark and licensing policies established by Marketing and Media, and should utilize its services when necessary to ensure a consistent and coherent brand identity for the University.

Use of Marks

Purdue University owns and controls its names, marks, logos, colors, insignias, seals, designs, commercially used depictions of campus building and landmarks and symbols that have become commonly associated with the University and any of its campuses.

Purdue Marketing and its trademarks and licensing staff have been entrusted by the Board of Trustees to manage all U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registered and iconic marks of the University that are utilized by both internal and external stakeholders, including licensed product providers. All newly created design artwork that incorporates use of the Purdue marks must comply with the current brand guidelines and the University's trademarks and licensing policy.


If a brand identity violation is identified, all expenditures related to the rogue material will be deducted from the unit's next allocation. In other words, the University will not pay for violations of its brand standards, which do provide for reasonable flexibility to tailor and adapt to local uses. The unit in violation will be required to work with Marketing and Media to determine the corrective action required, which may include redesign of print and/or electronic materials to be brand-compliant.


University Brand: Refers to the USPTO and other identity marks of the University and its application on all types of medium.

Brand Identity: Refers to the depiction of University marks in all mediums as well as its message platform.

Trademarks: A symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing Purdue University.

Trademark Licensing: A trademark license is an agreement between a trademark owner (the "licensor") being the Purdue University Board of Trustees and another person or entity (the "licensee") in which the licensor permits the licensee to use its trademark in commerce with limited transfer of rights.

Related Documents, Forms and Tools

Brand Direction

With the recent Clarification of Brand Governance from Purdue President Mitch Daniels, Purdue Marketing and Media hosted meetings on Sept. 14 and Sept. 28, 2017, to provide direction on future brand modifications that simplify and provide greater flexibility for applying the Purdue brand correctly.

Topics included how to properly use the academic, nonacademic and athletic logos, trademark guidelines, and the process for ordering promotional items from licensees. The meetings were open to all faculty and staff at Purdue. Below are resources from the Brand Direction meeting:


Governance Clarification

AVP for Marketing

Brand Guidelines and Resources

Manager of Brand, Advertising and Sponsorships

Trademark Use Requests

Manager of Trademarks and Licensing

History and Updates

This Brand Governance document supersedes Printing of University Publications (C-5) Purdue University Office of the President Executive Memorandum (April 22, 1985).