Purdue is a special place that inspires students, faculty and staff to do work that changes the world. Our brand photography conveys this quickly and meaningfully. Along with the Purdue brand video guidelines, our photography guidelines will help you show the Purdue story as well as tell it.

Photography should not be posed and feel natural whenever possible, drawing the audience into a unique moment in time. To that end, what follows are several tips and examples regarding our brand photography preferences.

Tips on Photography

Here are some simple tips for our brand photography procedures, which should be kept in mind as you approach each different photo scenario:

  • Use natural lighting.
  • Create an authentic feeling through cropping and out-of-focus elements.
  • Capture people doing their work and the results of their work.


Portraits should be natural and spontaneous, capturing the excitement and energy of the moment. Try to avoid taking photos that seem posed or staged in a way that distracts from the energetic feel of the moment. When possible, photograph individuals in the environments in which they work, live, play or learn.


We are an elite institution known for bright minds and big discoveries. The best way to capture that sentiment is to shoot in a style that's genuine and unforced. Use natural or ambient lighting when possible. If supplemental lighting is necessary, bounce or diffuse the light source to avoid hard shadows and highlights.

Student Life/Campus

There's something new happening here every day, whether it's in the residennce hall, the classroom or the laboratory. The ability to capture the emotions of those moments does wonders for recruiting and our image.


We are firm believers in the notion that a picture can be worth a thousand words. To help you further understand what our brand photography should look like, we have provided several galleries of suitable Purdue brand photographs that you can use:

Downloading from the Galleries

It is NOT necessary to log in to download photos. A password ("PURDUE") will allow the selected photos to download.

Photo Usage Guidelines

The photo information is included in the photo metadata. Please credit the photographer if one is listed; if not, please credit Purdue Marketing when using the photo.


  • Photo courtesy of Purdue Marketing/Photographer's Name
  • Photo courtesy of Purdue Marketing

Photos may be used for Purdue promotional purposes by the campus community. You may also use the photos for personal use, which includes desktops, screen savers, social media icons, and other similar purposes in expressing your Purdue spirit.

Use for promotion of non-Purdue organizations is prohibited unless in partnership with Purdue. Such uses require written authorization by Purdue Marketing.

All photos in the gallery should not be digitally altered, changed, modified or manipulated in any way that changes the content, meaning, subject matter or look of the original photo. Basic cropping and retouching are permitted provided the original intent of the image and subject matter is not changed.