Athletic Logo Guidelines

The athletic brand marks are primarly reserved for Intercollegiate Athletics and their student booster clubs, student organizations and the Co-Rec. Academic groups can use the Motion P on promotional products only. At no time should any of the marks be modified, stretched or distorted and there must be clear space around the marks. The marks cannot be used in any color combinations other than those specifically called out in the Purdue Logo Sheet. Some color variations are acceptable for retail consumer products; however, prior approval must be given by Purdue Trademarks and Licensing.

Use of these marks for commercial purposes requires permission or licensure from Purdue University. Requests for such use should be directed to Trademarks and Licensing at

Purdue Pete

The Purdue Pete mark is a secondary graphic used primarily by Purdue athletic programs. This logo may be used by student organizations, but they may not alter his appearance without written consent from Purdue Trademarks and Licensing. Requests should be sent to

Two images of Purdue Pete

Motion P

The Motion P is a secondary mark used primarily for Intercollegiate Athletics. This monogram can only be used by Intercollegiate Athletics, student organizations (including sport-related clubs and the Co-Rec) and Athletics student booster clubs. This mark may also be used ONLY on promotional items for academic and administrative units, and cannot be paired with the Signature Mark or co-brand logo.

Purdue Motion P image

Boilermaker Special

The Boilermaker Special is the official mascot of Purdue and is most often used by Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics. The mark may also be used by Athletics student booster clubs and sport-related clubs. This mark may not be used by academic or administrative units.

Image of the Boilermaker Special

Incorrect Usage of Athletic Marks

example showing how not to change color or alter logos
DO NOT change the color or alter logos.
example showing how not to distort or combine logos
DO NOT distort or combine with other elements/logos.