Academic Logo Guidelines

The Purdue University logo, also referred to as the Purdue University signature, is our identity mark. It represents the strong academic tradition that has been the force behind our University. The signature mark (and its respective academic co-brands) is to be used by ALL administrative and academic entities of the University.

No secondary graphic elements or wordmarks should be used in lieu of the signature mark. At no time should any of the marks be modified, stretched or distorted. The font used in the signature logo cannot be directly used or mimicked on any communication outside of the approved signature logo configuration. Also, Purdue's marks should never be used in partial or combined form to create a new identity mark. The marks cannot be used in any color combinations other than those specifically called out below under Logo Color Variations.

Logo Clear Space

The placement of surrounding elements (text, photos and other graphic elements) must respect the clear space guideline shown below. The distance of the clear space is proportional and must always equal or exceed the height of the "U" in “PURDUE." This also applies to the minimum distance from the edge of the page.

Graphic shows minimum clear space around the Purdue University logo

The Purdue logo displaying the proper amount of space between it and other content.

Logo Color Variations

Four options are available, depending on the background color or the number of colors available for printing.

Purdue University Logo using a black background, white text for Purdue, and Campus Gold for the underline and university.
Purdue University Logo using a light background, and black text.
Purdue University Logo using a dark background, and white text.
Purdue University Logo using a photo as a background, and white text.

Retired Purdue University Lock-ups

Previously, Purdue had allowed variations of the primary signature marks where the word "UNIVERSITY" was switched-out for the name of an academic or administrative unit. Due to the fact that these "lock-ups" dilute the visual integrity of the primary signature mark, they are being phased out and may not be used on newly produced materials after Feb. 5, 2018.

Purdue logo

Incorrect Usage of Signature Mark

example showing how not to change color or alter logos
DO NOT change the color or alter logos.
example showing how not to distort or combine logos
DO NOT distort or combine with other elements/logos.

University Seal

The Purdue seal was formally adopted during the University's centennial in 1969. The seal features a griffin, the symbol of strength in medieval heraldry. The three-part shield indicated the three stated aims of the University — education, research and service. The seal should only be used in formal and official communications, such as diplomas, letters of acceptance and communications from the Board of Trustees and the University president. In addition, the seal may be used on:

  • Graduation banner and sashes
  • Class rings and other jewelry
  • Top-tier recognition plaques throughout campus
  • Doctoral theses
Purdue University Seal

Because of its complexity and highly stylized nature, the seal does not reproduce well in many printed formats or apparel applications and is especially challenging to reproduce in digital media.

Use of this mark for commercial purposes requires permission or licensure from Purdue University. For requesting such use or any questions regarding the seal, contact Trademarks and Licensing at

For any questions regarding the use of logos, contact

Download Signature Marks

  Purdue Signature Marks (ZIP)