We all want our designs to stand out from the crowd. That's why we've created several very distinctive graphic elements to help showcase the Purdue brand in a simple and attractive way. These elements include diagonal lines, eureka bursts, proof points and pull quotes.

Diagonal Linesexample of diagonal lines

Our diagonal lines are used as a subtle design technique. Here's how to use them to showcase the Purdue brand:

  • If used behind text, make sure the text is still legible.
  • Use as a dividing rule, texture or on the edge of a page.
  • Tilt the lines to the left.
  • Use lines in core or secondary colors.

Bad Examples of Diagonal Lines

Lines too open or too tight
Poor contrast/color combination
Lines makes text hard to read

Eureka Moment Bursts

Use these elements to capture the moment of discovery in an image, to highlight important bits of information or as patterns to create texture.

Bad Examples of Eureka Bursts

Don't use the burst as an object
Too busy and too bold
Too in-your-face

Proof Points

Proof points are a powerful way to convey crucial pieces of information and interesting facts about Purdue. To achieve the best effect, proof points should be visually tight and uniform. The information in the proof point should be as concise as possible, usually no more than 10-12 words.

For more information on creating quality proof points, go to the Editorial section of this guide.

For the most current list of general Purdue proof points, see the Purdue Proof Points Master List (PDF).

Here are some examples of what not to do and why when creating proof points.

Bad Examples of Proof Points

Poor spacing and alignment
Too busy and has poor contrast
Out-of-brand fonts

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are most effective when they are visually appealing and encompass one complete thought. Including a good photo of the speaker is a way to establish a more personal connection with your reader. Using a clean, legible font is a good idea all of the time, but even more crucial to a successful pull quote.

For more information about writing or choosing quality quotes, go to the Editorial portion of this guide.

Here are some examples of what not to do and why when creating pull quotes.

Bad Examples of Pull Quotes

Hard to read in all caps
Too long
Out-of-brand fonts
Download Elements

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  For Digital Projects (ZIP)

  For Print Projects (ZIP)