Website Templates

These guidelines provide basic style and layout options for the responsive web templates conforming to the Purdue top-tier digital branding. There are several template types available to incorporate the Purdue brand into your site. Note: The layout for the Purdue home page is not available as a template.

Consistent Navigation, Header and Footer

To maintain consistent Purdue branding throughout the University, it is recommended that several parts of the template not be changed:

  • The gold bar that includes navigation and search at the very top must be present on all pages that use the template, and the links cannot be changed or edited.
  • The Purdue Signature should be on all websites at the top and, when clicked, should always link back to the main Purdue home page.
  • If present, supplemental logos for a college, school, etc. should appear in the upper right or footer of the page.
  • The two leftmost columns of links in the footer may NOT be changed or edited.
  • The two rightmost columns of links in the footer may be edited according to your site strategy.
  • The number of the social icons and their links in the footer can be changed to best match your site strategy.
  • The social icons color needs to be light gray, and the icon size should not be changed.
  • The tagline in the footer must not be removed or changed.

The web templates are available for use in Purdue's Content Management System (CMS), Cascade. Purdue Marketing and Media can help your college, department or school conform to the University's digital design standards by setting up a new CMS project and providing training in Cascade. Please contact us to get access to the Cascade versions of the templates.

Samples of the available template versions can be viewed in the links below:

For Purdue developers who do not use Cascade, there also are HTML versions of the templates available for download at each of the links listed above.

Templates on GitHub

The current version of each template can be found within a GitHub repository, which is managed by Marketing and Media. Developers are strongly encouraged to make a GitHub account and monitor the repository to receive notifications about updates made to the templates.