Audience Page Template

Image of an audience page

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Features of an Audience Page

  • Large, nearly full-screen image behind title text, optional subtitle text and optional icon.
  • Row of three or four featured links with icons.
  • Row of fully customizable links — existing in either two, three or four columns.
  • As many added rows as you want. Each row uses a predefined layout with customizable options:
    • Large photo row that simply fills the row with a single large photo of your choice.
    • Multiple images row that uses four images.
    • Story row that gives you access to add a header, text and an image.
    • News row that draws news from one or two RSS feeds. Go to the Purdue Newsroom for a list of frequently used news feeds.
    • An events row that pulls in events from the Purdue Calendar system. Add one or more calendars using the unique ID for the calendars selected.
    • Social media row that allows you to include a social media feed from Twitter or Instagram and includes an appropriate "Follow" button.