Promotional Products

Purdue permits officially licensed vendors to produce promotional items featuring Purdue's trademarked logos and verbiage. All campus entities, including student groups, must use a licensed vendor to produce merchandise with Purdue's trademarks and logos. This applies to items intended for your unit's own use (e.g., team shirts, school giveaway items, fundraising materials). By using approved licensed vendors, you know you'll get quality goods that will positively reflect the Purdue name. Purdue products from our licensed vendors generate over $1 million per year for Purdue student scholarships.

Purdue Licensed Vendors

The University maintains a list of licensed internal vendors (PDF). You also can contact Trademarks and Licensing at or 765-494-1733 for vendor and product recommendations. Full guidelines for ordering promotional items can be found on our Trademarks and Licensing website.

Permitted Logos

We know it can sometimes be challenging to decide when to use various Purdue logos and how to use them. To learn more about permissions for our academic and athletic marks, please visit our logo page.