Email Guidelines

These guidelines provide basic style options for the email templates conforming to Purdue digital branding. There are several template types from which to choose. The email templates are available in HTML format and have been tested against popular email clients, including Microsoft Outlook. Purdue Marketing and Media can help your college, department or school conform to Purdue's digital design standards by setting up your email project. Please contact us at

Email Style Guide

  • The subject line should tell the recipient what is inside the email. Avoid "selling" language.
  • Keep your message brief. Include only the information required to understand what the story is. Provide a link to a more full, robust web page for all details.
  • Ensure that your recipients want to hear from you. Opt-out is a required element. Depending on which sending service you use, it may be automatically included. The sender must verify this or make other arrangements for an opt-out feature.

Video and JavaScript are not supported by most email clients and should not be used. CSS must be inline.

Email Signature Example

An email signature should provide complete contact information for the sender. The example below also features a diagonal line to serve as a separator from the message and the brand tagline.

Jane Doe
Job Title
We are Purdue.
What we make moves the world forward.
Email signature example