Digital Signage

In general, campus digital signage displays and sign content should follow Purdue's brand guidelines and be accessible. The following are additional notes specific to digital signage brand usage.

Branding on Digital Signage Displays

Correct Marks (Logos)

Campus digital signage displays (the physical screens displaying one or more content regions) should include a Purdue mark in one of the four corners of the screen to signify that it is a Purdue sign. You can find the Purdue marks here.

  • If signage is not specific to a certain college or school, then the Purdue signature mark should be used.
  • If a specific Purdue unit owns the signage display, the appropriate co-branded Purdue mark can be used.
  • If the sign is located in the Recreational Sports Center, an Intercollegiate Athletics facility or is entirely athletics-based, the athletics Motion P may be used.
  • Some exceptions do occur. For example, if the signage display is a set of screens acting as one, the mark need only be in the corner of one of the displays. If you think you may have an exception for your signage situation, please contact with questions.

Color Palette

Campus signage displays should use the Purdue brand color palette without exception and predominantly use the core colors (black, Campus Gold, Digital Headline Gold and white). Displays and content also should take into account accessibility for colorblindness in choosing background colors and font colors.

Brand Fonts

Follow the digital brand font guidelines for setting up fonts on feeds where they can be controlled.

For the main brand fonts (Champion, Myriad Pro and Chaparral), font licenses must be installed on both the computer on which the content is created and managed, as well as on the player running the display. To obtain the brand fonts, log in to the Community Hub and fill out the Font Request Submission form.

Please note that some exceptions due to technical limitations apply:

  • If the machine running the digital sign has the Champion fonts installed, you can use Champion for headlines, short phrases and proof points.
  • If the machine running the digital sign does not have access to the Champion fonts or if you are unsure, use Impact or Arial Black for headlines, short phrases and proof points.
  • Do not use lowercase letters with any of these fonts.

Branding for Display Content

Digital signage displays are able to run content created by Purdue entities and also content generated by non-Purdue entities. Both types of content are permissible as long as the content follows the following applicable guidelines.

University Shared Playlist

Purdue's content marketing operations team, located within Purdue Marketing, maintains a shared playlist that any campus sign managers running Four Winds can display on their signs, if desired. For specific guidelines regarding the content requirements for this playlist and how to submit content, use your Purdue credentials to login to the Shared Playlist guidelines.

General Messaging

Purdue policy prohibits any messaging that promotes drugs, alcohol, political statements and other such messaging. For more information, see the University's Drug and Alcohol Policies.


Individual campus digital signage displays are prohibited from running any type of advertising for non-Purdue affiliates unless the content depicts a partnership with Purdue, such as a co-sponsored event. See University Policy IV.B.3 on Regulations Regarding Retailing, Commercial Soliciting, Canvassing, Sponsorship, and Marketing Activities on the Campuses of Purdue University.

There are a few exceptions:

  • Some areas, such as Intercollegiate Athletics, are granted special permission to run sponsored advertising. These exceptions also are listed in University Policy IV.B.3.
  • It is prohibited to run non-Purdue-generated content, such as a news or weather feed, which contains third-party advertising. Those containing no advertising, however, can be used.

Co-sponsored and Purdue Partner Content

Featuring content that is co-sponsored, such as an event hosted by both Purdue and an outside organization, or featuring a Purdue-affiliated partner, such as CityBus or, is acceptable on any campus digital signage display. For co-sponsored content, the sign must still include the Purdue signature mark somewhere on the content and follow the general guidelines for using the Purdue signature with other organizational logos/marks. The rest of the content does not necessarily have to follow the brand color palette since another organization/partner is involved, but it must still follow University Policy IV.B.3.