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Stated Meeting
July 18, 2014




Approval of Cooperative Education Program in the Department of Psychological Sciences, College of Health and Human Sciences

For the College of Technology:

     Approval of a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Technology

     Approval to Create the Division of Military Science and Technology

     Approval of College of Technology Program in Qatar

For Purdue University Calumet:

     Approval to change the Name of the Department of History and Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to the
     Department of History, Political Science, and Economics

     Approval of a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering

     Approval of a Master of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Approval to Finance and Construct the Forney Hall East Wing Renovation

Approval to Finance, Construct, and Award Contract for the Agronomy Center Automated Phenotyping and Seed Processing Laboratory

Approval to Award Construction Contract for the Wade Chiller No. 6 Replacement – 2014

Approval of Resolution to Utilize the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) Method for the Honors College and Residences

Approval of Resolution to Engage in Market-sounding Exercise for the Development of Purdue Village North

Approval of Purdue University North Central Interlocal Transit Agreement

Approval of FY 2015-17 Budget for the Animal Disease and Diagnostic Lab

Approval of FY 2015-17 Line Items and Review of 2015-17 Performance Formula Funding

Approval of Resolutions to Refund Bonds: 

     Student Facilities System Revenue Bonds, Series 2009B

     Student Fee Bonds, Series X

Approval of Resolution to Clarify Senior Managerial Group for Purposes of National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual Compliance

President Daniels' Report

Ratification of Distinguished Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences/Chemistry  (photo)

Ratification of Distinguished Professor of Management  (photo)

Ratification of Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering  (photo)

Report of the Chair, University Senate

Resolution, Friends of Purdue University

Appointment of Directors, IPFW Foundation

Approval of Resolution to Name the Consolidated Regional Campus Resulting from the Unification of Purdue University Calumet and
Purdue University North Central

Approval to Name the Center for Student Excellence and Leadership