HW 8 – Extra Credit


Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

  1. Repeat the above analysis (a-c) for the ankle, knee, and hip using running data in the file, running_data.xls. The position data starts on line 36009 in the file.


  1. Analyze the angular motions for the pitching data. Calculate the moments at the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.


  1. Analyze the angular motions for the running data. Calculate the moments at the ankle, knee, and hip.

788 thoughts on “HW 8 – Extra Credit”

  1. Benjamin Franklin Lee says:

    For the first extra credit question.

    Are we supposed to only use the calculate the velocities and accelerations of the ankle, knee and hip or of the upper and lower legs?

    1. Benjamin Franklin Lee says:

      Are we also supposed to assume the same frame rate (240fps) ?

      1. Nathan Shaw says:

        I have the same question. I saw a 120 in the data header, is it 120fps?

  2. grabers says:

    Since there’s position data for both the left and right leg, should we choose one side and ignore the other? Or go through the process for both?

    1. Benjamin Franklin Lee says:

      I’m ignoring the right leg because it is missing data

    2. Erik Hansen says:

      I am ignoring the left leg because it is missing data.

  3. Erik Hansen says:

    #1 states the ankle, knee, and hip. I am assuming that it should state: Thigh, Lower Leg, and Foot. Anyone else think or been informed otherwise?

    1. Katie Roth says:

      Hi Erik – that is how I planned to analyze it as well!

  4. Amanda Leigh Lennartz says:

    On the running data, we were given position data from “shank1”, “shank2”, “thigh”, and “toe”. Is anyone using that data as the COM of the segments or are you to relating them back to the data from the joints?

  5. Joshua J Liddy says:

    I’m a little confused about the second extra credit problem set. To solve for the angular velocities, w1 and w2, we need to define the n1 and n2 directions. There are only two landmarks on the upper arm being tracked (elbow and shoulder). Defining u_se is straightforward, however, we have no information to define the other axes of the local coordinate system on the upper arm. Am I missing something?

    1. Joshua J Liddy says:

      I haven’t tried this for the running data but my hunch is that it is feasible for that data set because there are additional landmarks besides the joints being tracked.

    2. Myra Fabro says:

      If you have u_se, you can define n1 and n2 by finding orthogonal vectors to u_se.

  6. Joshua J Liddy says:

    Good point, won’t they be oriented arbitrarily?

  7. Erik Hansen says:

    Anyone know how to calculate the N1 and N2 vectors? It doesn’t appear to have been covered in the lectures.

  8. Katie Roth says:

    Might be having a mental block here,..but what are shank 1 and 2 supposed to represent? Confusing since thigh is also listed and I thought that would have been one of the shanks (including the shin/calf)

    1. Joshua J Liddy says:

      Shank 1 and 2 are extra markers placed on the shank that will allow you to define the n1 and n2 local coordinate axes necessary for extra credit 3. You won’t need them for extra credit 1.

      1. Erik Hansen says:

        how do you determine n1 and n2 for the pitching problem, since there are no additional markers?

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