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Welcome to the  Course Website for Human Motion Kinetics. This is where you will find information pertinent to Human Motion Kinetics and useful for other biomechanics-related courses at Purdue University.

Here is the course syllabus: HMK_S18_Syllabus_v2.   The schedule of lectures is here: ME577_S18_Class_Schedule. It is an ambitious class, but I am hoping you will find it interesting and useful.

FINAL EXAM: On campus and off campus students is on 5/3/2018 (Thursday). The exam is scheduled for 8:00 – 10:00 am. Great stuff. We will have five exams and a final. Each mid-term will count as 14% of the final grade. The final will count for the other 30%. The problems on the final will be extremely similar to those from past exams and homework. Anatomy questions will also be included.

GRADES: We will use the standard cutoffs for grades (90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, etc.)

Day 1: Anatomy outline – ME577_Anatomy_Basics_v3.pptx

Epidemiology of injuries in the NCAA: Hootman_NCAA_injuries_2007

Great example of joint instability:

Practice quizzes for anatomy:








Day 2: Cartesian coordinates – A few example problems. They are simple and use the i,j,k coordinate system but demonstrate the solution process nicely (step 1 = FBD, step 2 = governing equation, step 3 = kinematics, assumptions, and idealizations, step 4 = solve it): Cartesian_Example_Problems

Video Solutions to the Cartesian Example Problems


Speed Skating:

Indy Car:

The Human Cannonball:

Day 3: Polar coordinates

Review of polar coordinates: Cylindrical_overview_kinematics

Spider Man vs. Wall:


Homework 1HMK_2018_HW01

Homework 1 Solution: HMK_2018_HW01_Solution

Day 4: Work-Energy

Introduction to Kinetic Energy:

Deriving the Work-Energy Equations for Particles:

The Catcher stops a Baseball:

Brian Meeker vs. Pommel Horse:

Day 5: Conservation of Linear Momentum

Baseball vs. Bird:

(Does this satisfy the assumptions for conservation of linear momentum?)

Homework 2: HMK_2018_HW02

Helpful videos for Homework 2

Star Trek:

Iron Man:

Solution for Homework 2: HMK_2018_HW02_Solution

Homework 3: HMK_2018_HW03

Homework 3 SolutionHMK_2018_HW03_Solutions

Kevlar – Kevlar_Technical_GuideARL-TR-2865-Kevlar

Some helpful matlab code for analyzing home runs – baseball2drag_eqns (convert both files to “.m” files and they should run.

Cross Products and Moments: Read this description, Moment_review and then see if you can solve these problems, Moments_worksheet. Solutions will be posted.

Homework 4HMK_2018_HW04

Homework 4 – Solution: HMK_2018_HW04_Solutions

Lower Extremities Case Studies: Lower_Extremities_Case_Studies.pptx

Homework 5: HMK_2018_HW05

Vertebral body strength (Crawford and Keaveny, 2003): Crawford_Keaveny_2003

Homework 5 – Solution: HMK_2018_HW05_Solutions_Fixed

Homework 6: HMK_2018_HW06

G.I. Taylor – paper 1: GITaylor_part_1 (Only if you want to see all the arguments. The important data can be found in paper 2)

G.I. Taylor – paper 2: GITaylor_part_2

Homework 6 Solutions: HMK_2018_HW06_Solutions

Muscle Physiology

Original paper by Hill: Hill_model_1938

Wexler Model: Wexler_muscle_model_1997

Homework 7: HMK_2018_HW07

Homework 7 Solutions: HMK_2018_HW07_Solutions_Color

Three Dimensional Motions

Classic Papers in Baseball and Softball

Werner_Baseball_Extended_Play_2001 Werner_Pitchers_Baseball_Distraction_Force_2001 Werner_softball_kinetics_2006

Homework 8: HMK_2018_HW08

Homework 8 Solutions: HMK_2018_HW08_Solutions

Pitching data: pitching_data

Homework 9: HMK_2018_HW09

Homework 9 Solutions: HMK_2018_HW09_Solutions

Cartilage paper by Wolf: Wolf_cartilage  (only two pages)

Original papers by Hertz: Hertz_Contact_Two_Papers

Homework 10: HMK_2018_HW10

Homework 10 Solutions: HMK_2018_HW10_Solutions

Another famous paper – this one by Wilke et al. 1997 – where they measured the pressure inside the intervertebral disc for a range of activities. Pretty intense stuff.  Wilke_Intradiscal_Pressure

JFK Assassination

Newsweek article (not a great copy): JFK_US_News_World_Report

New surface area from bone fraction: Beardsley_comminution_2005


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