Campus travel guidelines

Review Purdue's Traffic and Parking Regulations.

If you can not read the documents on this page, please download Adobe Acrobat

Motorists should respect bicyclists, be alert to their presence and observe bicycle lanes and sharrows.

If parking on the street, look before opening your door to avoid potentially hitting a bicyclist.

Anyone traveling on a service drive/access road (whether vehicle or bicyclist) should slow down and proceed with caution. Since this is a shared travel space, cars should yield to bicyclists in a safe manner, which may include continued travel at a reduced speed, pulling to the side of the access road or stopping.

Parking on bicycle routes is not permitted.

Know the meanings of the different types of bicycle signs and markings on campus.

Safety tips

  • Treat bicyclists like other motorists (e.g. allow adequate passing distance, respect signals)
  • Make eye contact
  • Obey signals
  • Be extra cautious when driving in inclement weather

Know bicycle signals

Bike Signals

Left turn: left arm extended straight out to side (horizontally)

Right turn: left arm bent at elbow and held up in an “L” shape or alternately, right arm extended straight out to the side horizontally

Stop or slow down: left arm bent at elbow and held upside-down in an “L” shape