Riding on Campus

Walk your bike area photo
This sign indicates bicyclists should dismount and walk their bikes.

Bicyclists 16 years of age or older shall use designated bicycle routes. In the absence of routes, they shall ride with traffic on the roads, following all vehicle rules, signs and signals. 

Bicyclists must walk their bikes when not on designated bike routes or campus drives. Bikes should be walked when traveling on sidewalks. 

Anyone traveling on a service drive/access road (whether motorist or bicyclist) should slow down and proceed with caution.

Know the meanings of the different types of bicycle signs and markings on campus.

Bicyclists shall use an audible signal (e.g. bell or verbal warning) to alert pedestrians to their presence.

Bikes should be parked only in designated areas. Improperly parked bikes (i.e. bikes parked anywhere other than a bicycle rack) are subject to removal.

To learn more about campus bicycle regulations, see Section 7 of the University Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Safety tips

  • Wear a helmet

  • Obey traffic signals, signs and lane markings

  • Use bicycle routes when available

  • Ride in the direction of traffic when in the streets, not against it

  • Be seen; make eye contact

  • Be predictable

  • Be aware of surroundings

  • Use bicycle signals

  • Be visible, especially at night – use front and rear lights 

  • Don't ride with headphones

  • Check your equipment

  • Use a bell or horn to alert pedestrians to your presence

Bicycle signals

 Bike Signals

Left turn: left arm extended straight out to side horizontally

Right turn: left arm bent at elbow and held up in an “L” shape or alternately, right arm extended straight out to the side horizontally

Stop or slow down: left arm bent at elbow and held upside-down in an “L” shape

Bicycle registration

To register your bicycle, complete the bicycle registration form and accompanying steps.

Bicycle removals and retrievals

Removal procedure

The Grounds Department is responsible for removing all parked bicycles that are damaged (e.g. appear not to be roadworthy) or those that have been abandoned or parked improperly on the academic campus. Bicycle parking in the academic campus area is intended for short-term use only, and bikes must be parked in racks. Read the full bike removal guidelines here.

How to retrieve your bicycle

Bicycles may be retrieved during their 60-day storage period by contacting the Grounds Department at (765) 494-3087 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Bicycle parking

To learn more about bicycle parking regulations, see Section 7 of the University Traffic and Parking Regulations. In most areas on campus, bicycle parking is enforced by the Grounds Department.


Find more information on campus bicycle repair stations and the Farmers Market bicycle tent through the Office of University Sustainability.

Community information

When cycling off campus and within the boundaries of the City of West Lafayette, Chapter 46 of the West Lafayette, Indiana Code of Ordinances must be obeyed.

When cycling off campus and within the boundaries of the City of Lafayette, Chapter 7.07 of the Lafayette, Indiana Code of Ordinances must be obeyed.

All Indiana laws and regulations concerning bicycles are available on the State of Indiana – Indiana Code webpage. Use the drop down menus to select the following path; Title 9, Article 21, then Chapter 11.

CityBus provides information on how to utilize the buses’ bicycle racks.

Additional information on West Lafayette bicycle routes may be found through the City of West Lafayette.

The Wabash River Cycle Club has identified a collection of bicycle routes in the Lafayette-West Lafayette area.

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