Dovetail Fixture Setup

Please check any files for updated versions on a regular basis as we regularly improve and fix bugs in them.

This portion is only applicable if you are using a dovetail fixture, the Raptor RWP-013SS. Before you can use that fixture you need to machine a dovetail onto the stock. We provide a parametric model, pre-built tools and tool offsets that will allow you to machine the dovetail on a 3-axis machine. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Obtain the file, download it as a Fusion360 Archive and open it in Fusion360. File: Dovetail Maker
  2. Click on Modify in the toolbar.
  3. Click on Change Parameters.
  4. Change the Length, Breadth and Height depending on your stock.
  5. Switch to Manufacturing in the toolbar.
  6. Right-click on the Setup and click Generate.
  7. Run a simulation to validate the CAM. Have a Peer-Mentor inspect it.
  8. Generate G-Code like you would for any other 3-axis CAM.
  9. Send the file to the FileShare.
  10. Machine the dovetail on a 3-axis mill under Peer-Mentor supervision and have a Graduate Peer-Mentor inspect the dovetail when it is done while it is still in the machine. (Note for Peer-Mentors: Use the tool offset table below and don’t probe the tools. Type the offsets in manually. If are unsure, reach out to a Graduate Peer Mentor.)

Tool-Offset Table:

ToolTool NumberHeight OffsetDiameter Offset
1/8″ Endmill13.15570.122
3/16″ Endmill23.3880.1875
2″ Shoulder Mill43.14082.0038