Steps to a Woodworking Project

This is the workflow of a typical woodworking project at the Bechtel Center, use of the gantry is not required; use this as a guide to help your project go more smoothly. See Project Workflow for the specific steps to get started.

1. Idea Generation and Design

Come up with what you want your project to be, determine if there are any critical features that need to be made (hinges, alignment holes, etc.)

  • It is encouraged that you design the part in CAD to better visualize the final product

2. Optimization for Manufacture

Think about how you are going to make each part of the project in detail, make changes depending on the design requirements and tool capabilities.

  • Change arbitrary features (holes, etc.) to common sizes, Bechtel Center tooling is imperial, so regular inch sizes are preferred.
2.5. FOR GANTRY ROUTER WORK ONLY: Toolpaths Programming
    1. If you haven’t already, model your part in Fusion 360, remove any features that will be created after routing, like fillets
    2. In Fusion 360, switch to the [Manufacture] tab and create a [Setup] with the [Work Coordinate System] origin on a corner, and the [Fixed Stock Size] set to the dimensions of your stock
    3. Use the Milling Toolpath Guide to make the toolpaths for your part

3. Peer Mentor Review

  • See Project Workflow for project review, modification, and approval.
    • If you are using the gantry router, you will need to reserve time on the machine, reserve at least 90 minutes more than your program run time for setup and cleanup.

4. Getting to Work

You will come into the Bechtel Center (15 minutes before any appointment) to work on your project