Steps to a Welding Project

This is an overview of how a welding project works at the Bechtel Center, use this as a guide to help your project go more smoothly. See Project Workflow for the specific steps to get started.

1. Consult with a Peer Mentor on design and skill requirements for the project
  • Most projects will require multiple consultations and alterations
2. Work with a peer mentor to acquire the necessary skills to successfully complete the project
  • This is likely where the bulk of project cycle time lies, as learning to weld well enough to complete a project can take anywhere between 2 days to a month depending on the user’s time commitment and project complexity
3. Cut out and preprocess the project components
4. Weld the components together
  • This is almost always a multi-day if not multi-week process; design revisions and changes are not uncommon at this stage.
  • Users will be expected to arrange work times with peer mentors and reserve the necessary equipment ahead of time. 
5. Post-process the project and analyze to ensure that all welds/joints meet requirements
  • It is recommended that members have a good understanding of the application of their project to include loads that may be applied to the structure to ensure that their final product is suitable.