Waterjet Cutting


The Bechtel Center Waterjet is a fantastic tool that allows members to punch holes in almost any material by shooting 50,000 psi water mixed with grit through a nozzle and into the workpiece. It can create any reasonable 2D profile imaginable.

Waterjet tolerances are ~±0.020″. If you have high precision parts, consider finishing your parts manually. Precise holes should be drilled, especially small ones. Minimum hole size is 0.15″.

Safety Note:

The waterjet shoots a 50,000psi jet of water mixed with abrasive powder to cut anything in the way of the jet. There are also high pressure lines running around the machine. These obviously present a hazard so we ask that all users be mindful when using this machine.

Reliability Note: the waterjet is a very complex machine that has a tendency to break and/or misbehave. In these cases, we ask you to be patient while we try to get everything working again.