CNC Milling Safety

Haas VF-4 CNC Mill annotated with safety hazard warnings

Hazard Awareness

Sharp objects

[Cut resistant gloves are available.]

  • Metal chips – shiny and small, or larger strings/chunks often have razor edges
  • Unfinished parts/stock prior to grinding/de-burring
  • Machine tool bits such as end mills / drills
    • Tool storage
    • Spindle
ISO Hazard Sign for Pinching
Pinching Hazard

Ensure hands are outside of the CNC before moving the table

  • Between the table and the CNC walls
  • Between the table and the spindle/tool in spindle
Hot items
[Heat resistant PPE is available]
  • Drill / milled / turned parts
  • Drills / mills / tools in spindle or recently used
Heavy items
[Ask for assistance if you think you need a two-person lift]
  • Vices, fixtures and work holding can be heavy
  • Drill / milled / turned parts can be heavy