CAM Resources

After downloading Fusion 360, sign in/make an account using your Purdue email. Then, contact us via Discord to be added to the Fusion Team for access to our cloud resources.

Educational Digital Twin Overview:

The Bechtel Center has developed a workflow to maximize the productivity of our limited equipment. This shifts the majority of the work from at the machine itself (manually programming) to the Fusion 360 environment. Here, the goal is to recreate a 1:1 instance of the machine, any vises and work holding you will be using, starting material or ‘stock’, and of course your part. See Steps to a Machining Project and our Workholding Guide for details. Once you have set up your model you can use the tool libraries to make each toolpath. For help check the Milling Toolpath Guide or Lathe Toolpath Guide.

The Bechtel Center uses Fusion 360 to distribute required CAM resources like tool libraries, workholding models, and post processors. (CAD filed from other programs may be uploaded to Fusion 360)

If you need further assistance with navigating Fusion 360, a quick internet search is likely your best option. If you need more help, feel free to get in touch!

Already have an approved CAM file? Upload it below: