Steps to use 3D Printers

This is an overview of the process workflow for 3D printing in the Bechtel Center using our Project Management System and Discord Server as well as Autodesk A360. 

Fall 2020: The consultation, project submission, and part processing are done virtually via our Discord, and you will be notified when you are able to pick up your completed part.

  1. Prepare your 3D CAD model while keeping in mind the lab’s policies and any criteria required for each respective printer 
    • Policies may be found here 
    • Design guides for each printer may be found here  
  2. Join the Bechtel Innovation Design Center Discord Server with this server link 
  3. Read the server rules, set your nickname 
  4. Enter the [Waiting Room] voice channel 
  5. You will be automatically moved from the waiting room to the [Front Desk] when it is your turn 
  6. Briefly explain your project 
  7. When available, you will be sent to a consultation room for design review and any necessary modification 
    • If no consultation slot is available, you can wait or schedule a future consultation 
  8. Create a Standardized Proposal in the Project Management System with the help of the Peer Mentor you consult with 
    • Project Name – Given by the Peer Mentor in consultation 
    • Project Description 
      • Description of project and purpose of the part 
      • A360 link to an .stl download of the part 
    • Resources – Correct printer for your part 
  9. Complete any assigned passport badges found by viewing your project in the Project Management System 
  10. Once accepted, your project information will be entered into our printing queue and you will be notified when it is finished 
  11. At your convenience, pick up your part from the Student Part Pickup shelf located to the right of the front desk
    • You may come to the center anytime during operating hours to pick up your part 
    • You must be wearing a facemask
  12. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your finished part must be sent to 

*Subject to change