2017-11-09 First undergraduate 5-axis machining in one of the VF-4 using our TR160 trunnion.
2017-10-30 Projects: 132, students registered for safety etc. 223.
2017-10-23 Projects: 31, students registered for safety etc. 119.
2017-10-12 Engineering Dean's annual Advisory Council Dinner held in the BIDC. Lots of fun, good food and drinks, and a high level of interest and excitement.
2017-10-04 Soft opening of BIDC103 Manufacturing and BIDC229 Prototyping.
2017-09-28 Tour by the Purdue Polytechnic Institute's Dean's council, they were very interested.
2017-09-23 Official Dedication - it went well, lots of excitement and interest. The machine demos mostly worked but waterjet was down with jet turbulence - same issue we had at install.
2017-09-22 Final day before our dedication - scary business, doors missing for BIDC 103A, etc. Waterjet unreliable, gantry router not right, not sure about demos.
2017-08-25 ST-20 and ST-20Y arrive and are set. Great shuffle of machines carried out. Four eighteen wheelers on the same day. Lots of machines moving about.
2017-08-15 to 17 Rig out of AFL from the basement of ARMS carried out by David. Heavy lifting completed.

2017-08-01 Waterjet and CNC mills moved into the BIDC.

2017-08-01 Still not in possession of the building. Most furniture in and building envelope mostly finished. Waterjet and CNC mills arriving today.
2017-07-06 Waterjet arrives on campus. Too wide for storage so is parked under a tree near the MMDC.
2017-06 Assistant Director David McMillan transfers from the BME machine shop to the BIDC.
2017-05 Flow waterjet and Trotec Laser purchased.
2017-01 Director Matthew Swabey hired full time.