Wood Working


The wood working machines are in BIDC 103 – Manufacturing

Cut, drill, plane, saw and sand in our woodworking center.

Basic rules for using the wood working machines

  • You must follow the general PPE instructions and building safety instructions at all times.
  • You have to finish the safety training quiz available on this website before operating these machines. Log in using your Purdue credentials and join the group named Bechtel Innovation Design Center Purdue. Complete the safety quizzes for the machines you will use and earn badges.
  • A BIDC TA should be with you while setting up your job and starting the operation.
  • You can not leave the machine unattended while your job is running. TA’s cannot supervise your job.
  • Clean the machine once your job is complete. Clear the wood chips and the saw dust from the machine table and from the nearby floor. Use vacuum cleaners available in the shop.
  • Do not leave scrap wood pieces on or near the machines. Carry it to the storage room in the basement.

Available Equipment

  • Belt/Disk sander (wood/composite) 
  • Buffer wheel 
  • CNC Gantry sheet router 
  • Compound miter saw 
  • Drill press (wood/plastic)  
  • Horizontal bandsaw 
  • Scroll saw 
  • Drum sander 
  • Spindle sander 
  • Jointer 
  • Manual knee mill (x2) 
  • Manual lathe 
  • Vertical Bandsaw (Wood/Plastic) 
  • Planer 
  • Laser cutter (Wood/Plastic) 

Gantry sheet router

  • The gantry sheet router is a CNC machine that can cut intricate shapes on wooden sheets.
  • You can generate a CNC program using any of the available programs like AutoDesk Fusion 360, Catia or NX and then run that program on the Gantry sheet router. Click here and follow the instructions to download and use the post processor for the Gantry sheet router.
  • Builtin Visual Quick Code (VQC) and Intuitive Programming System (IPS) to machine simple features without CAM.
  • You can use wooden sheets up to around 8 feet by 4 feet in size on the table.
  • Vacuum suction is used to hold smaller sheets of wood onto the base sheet on the table. In addition, bigger sheets are also screwed to the base sheet to get a rigid fixture.