3D Printing


From Onyx and Carbon Fiber to Stainless Steel, the Printing and Prototyping Lab, located in room 229 of the Bechtel Center, offers a variety of unique 3D printing capabilities which may be considered more specialized and advanced than standard plastic FDM printing. 


  • Prints that violate university regulations will not be accepted. This includes items which are obscene or inappropriate, unsafe or dangerous, and items which violate intellectual property rights.
  • Due to the internal costs of printing in some materials, some parts or projects may be turned away. This includes parts or projects that may be easily manufactured another way as well as those which serve no “engineering purpose” such as toys or trinkets. 
  • Accepted parts will be added to an ongoing printing queue which is processed in order of submission. 


Contact us at bidcprototype@purdue.edu for any questions.