Kennametal is a world leading metal cutting tooling designer and manufacturer. It focusses on supporting users of its products in order to be successful. Kennametal is one of the Center’s primary supporters supplying Purdue Students with both expertise and the latest in metal cutting and shaping tools.


Autodesk makes software for people who make things. The educational digital twin would not be possible without Autodesk as a partner. The Bechtel Center staff are able to participate in the internal discussions of Autodesk’s Manufacturing Team under NDA, bringing pre-release and advanced technologies to Purdue students.


Haas Automation Inc. and the Gene Haas Foundation (GHF) have been an amazing partner since the founding of the Bechtel Center. Supplying both the CNC technologies (Haas) and funding for students to focus on CNC skill capture (GHF), they have enabled generations of students to learn about and enjoy high tech manufacturing.


Raptor work-holding produces world leading fixtures. In machining, a leading problem is workholding that holds the metal stock repeatably and securely, enabling rapid multi-axis machining. Raptor supports the students by making their advanced technologies available to Purdue Students.

Master Fluid

Master Fluid Solutions is an American family-owned business. Advanced industrial fluids in the form of coolants, cutting lubricants, and other advanced mixtures are an essential part of advanced manufacturing. Master Fluid solutions supports the students with chemical assays, advanced cleaners, coolants, tapping fluids, and their industrial expertise.