Twin CNCThe full use of advanced modern manufacturing technologies is challenging in industry. The equipment is designed for full-time experienced designers and operators pumping out thousands of identical parts versus student projects requiring only a few different parts.

Created and maintained by Anirudh Pal and a growing team of over 19 students, our EDUCATIONAL DIGITAL TWIN provides Purdue students using the Gene Haas Manufacturing Lab access to advanced computer numerical control manufacturing machines along with the latest carbide tooling from Kennametal and modern fixturing from Raptor.

The EDUCATIONAL DIGITAL TWIN transparently packages thousands of hours of experience with the Center’s tools, work holding, and machining parameters in a 1:1 design and simulation environment built on Autodesk’s Fusion 360 cloud platform. It equips new users with experience normally gained through years of study, eliminating costly redesigns and crashes. In this environment users can design, innovate, and collaborate virtually, in their own time, wherever they are, before manufacturing in the Center.

The system is maintained by a very tight cloud-based knowledge dissemination loop. For example, in less than a day a new speed/feed for a specific material and tool will go from validation in the machine via the cloud to the hundreds of student designers.


  • Optimized for part machining time
  • Disconnect between designer / operator
  • Limited 2D/3D modelling and animation of process
  • Only models the tool and stock for collisions
  • Work holding has to be modelled
  • Manually driven probing w. risk of probe crash
  • Major cause of damage: tool collisions with part, with work holding or speed/feed errors.
  • Knowledge of the 130-key CNC control required
  • Tool parameters and probing must be keyed into the CNC control (5+ menus +100s of key presses)
  • Tool building knowledge required
  • CNC tool loading knowledge required
  • Personal knowledge of speeds/feeds/tools


  • Optimized for CNC setup time
  • Unified flow from CAD–CAM–CNC machining
  • 1:1 3D animation of tool, stock, and work-holding
  • Holistically models the CNC, the work-holding, the tool body, the tool, and the stock
  • 40+ pre-validated work holding configs provided
  • Automated probing from CAM eliminates errors
  • Collisions detected in CAM software before machining, known good speeds/feeds provided.
  • Only 3 keys of the CNC control used
  • Tool parameters & probing automated, errors will be detected. Video prompts, load tool, hit START
  • Standardized tool building with template aids
  • Specific tool loading demonstration video plays on control at appropriate moment
  • Constantly updated cloud with 172 tools and 335 validated speeds and feeds

Twin CNC