Bechtel Center Building Access During COVID-19 to 11/24/2020, Resumes 1/25/2021

Created on 8/23/2020, ends 11/23/2020 and is replaced by new guidance, resumes 1/25/2021 for Spring semester.

Purdue has extensive guidance, preparation and resources invested in COVID-19 prevention. To meet these, and fulfill the mission of the Center, the following policy is adopted for the Bechtel Innovation Design Center building, 1090 3rd Street, IN, until 11/24/2020. It is then replaced with new guidance issued 11/10/2020. However, as of 1/25/2021, this policy resumes.

Student Non-Members: No Access

The Bechtel Center was gifted into existence to serve Purdue students completing projects. To meet this mission there is no access to non-member students at this time.

Student Members: By Appointment

A student member who has made suitable progress on their project, assessed by Center employees, can make an appointment to access to use resources available in the center. All initial discussion and design work will use the Discord online platform. Consult the project workflow information for details.

Student Employees: Specific Purposes

After employees have read and agreed to all relevant COVID-19 SOPs, respecting the occupancy cap, they may access the Bechtel Center for the following purposes:

  1. Staffing the center as per the shift schedule
  2. Manning the “online” stations with wired Ethernet connections to interact online with students wishing to use the Bechtel Center
  3. Engaged in an endorsed project under the “active student employee incentive program”
  4. Other Center activities specifically agreed with staff

Student Team Members: Limited Assembly and High-Bay

Resident teams who need access to the main machining facilities in the center will use the same appointment system above. Access to assembly or high bay will be through a dedicated process on a per-team basis. Contact your team administration or center staff for details.

If you have a specific need please work with you team administrators and staff – the Center will strive to meet your needs.

Purdue Employees: Access

Purdue employees may access the Bechtel Center for business purposes.