Tableau User Group

The Purdue Tableau User Group is a user-based community that meets quarterly for support and information about Tableau.  Meeting topics include BICC updates on the software and projects, guest speakers on topics related to reporting, data, and visualizations.  Various tips and tricks with the tools are also presented.  User participation is voluntary and encouraged in building reporting community relationships and Tableau skills.


  • Katie Hendryx (BICC)
  • Sushanth Janagam (EMAR)
  • Kendal Kosta-Mikel (Science)
  • Kelsie Newberry (BICC)
  • Jeremy Sheiko (UDO)
  • Taylor Stayback (IDA+A)
  • Zach Yater (BICC)

Tableau User Group Links

Purdue Tableau User Group Meeting Documents