How do I get access to Tableau Server?

Tableau Server is currently open to all faculty and staff at Purdue. Within server there are several projects which are controlled by various departments around campus. If you are missing access to your department's project, you can start by checking to see if your area has a Tableau Project Leader.

I do not have a Tableau Project Leader, now what?

Send an email to  The BICC will work with you in determining the next steps for access.

How can I develop a Tableau dashboard using departmental data located in local files (Excel, CSV), and/or departmental databases?

In order to develop Tableau dashboards using departmental data, you’ll need the Tableau Desktop software, and a valid license.  The software is available in a package from CSDS, but currently you’ll need to procure a license from your own department.  If you’d like to request Tableau Desktop from CSDS, please submit a Footprints ticket to  Additionally, if you’d like to share your dashboard, please see answer below. 

How can I share my Tableau dashboard?

One way to share your dashboard is by distributing your Tableau workbook file via standard file sharing methods (email, shared drive, FileLocker, etc.), and requiring the recipient to install Tableau Reader, which is a free version of Tableau available from CSDS.  If you’d like to request Tableau Reader, please submit a Footprints ticket to

However the preferred approach is by requesting access to Tableau Server.  If you’d like to pursue the Tableau Server approach, and your department already has a Tableau Server Project Leader, please contact this individual with your request.  Please see the list of Tableau Server Project Leaders.  If you’d like to pursue the Tableau Server approach, and your department does NOT have a Tableau Server Project Leader, and you’d like to become one, please submit a request briefly explaining your situation to

How can I develop content in Tableau using an enterprise data source, like the ODS, EDW, HR Data Mart, or FI Data Mart?

Please submit an ITERM work intake request indicating the enterprise data source of interest, and the scope of your data needs.  Your request will be evaluated by the BICC to determine the best solution.

How can I consume a Tableau dashboard that I know exists on Tableau Server?

Each department has their own Tableau Server Project Leader who maintains access to their department’s dashboards.  For the dashboard that you’d like to access, you should contact that department’s Tableau Server Project Leader.  A list of dashboards available and a cross-reference to the department can be found HERE.  If you would like to see who the Tableau Server Project leaders are, please refer to the list of Tableau Server Project Leaders

I’m a Tableau Server Project Leader, and I’m trying to provide someone access to my project (or dashboard), but they’re not appearing in the list of users?

Please submit a Footprints ticket to including career accounts of the users you’d like added.  

Cognos and Tableau Offboarding Checklist

When a Tableau user is set to depart their job position, the below checklist should be used by their supervisor to ensure content is transitioned for the department correctly and in the most efficient manner. 

Cognos and Tableau Offboarding Checklist 

Getting Support

Contact the ITaP Customer Service Center at 494-4000 or send an email to This will create a support ticket with your issue and we will get back to you.