FI Stars

Asset Star

Star Benefits
  • Identifies funding source paid for an asset
  • Displays condition of equipment, building location, etc. . .Answers the question, “What type of equipment does a PI have?”
  • Shows posted or planned depreciation for the year
  • View multiple assets at a time.
  • View data for multiple years at a time.
Standard Report
  • Asset Accounting Summary Inventory Report - This report is beneficial when reviewing asset value or depreciation calculations. The report displays all asset calculations.

Controlling Star:

Star Benefits
  • View settlements on work orders
  • Research work order charges
  • Ability to view work order detail in one spot, vs multiple t-codes
  • Standard Report: Work Orders
  • The report displays the charges associated with the work orders.

Endowment Values

Star Benefits
  • Provides the ability to view market value, book value, and permanent units for both Purdue and PRF endowments on a semi-annual basis.
  • Star uses information imported from PRF about endowments, their distribution type, and the supported funds at Purdue.
  • Ability to view the book or market value of a Purdue or PRF endowment
  • Ability to view supported funds of a Purdue or PRF endowment
Standard Report:
  • Endowment/Supported Funds - This report will display book, market and permanent units, as well as distribution amounts for endowments.

Financial Accounting

Star Benefits
  • Review depreciation on recharge centers
  • View college’s cash flow; View expenditure trend details
  • Can answer the question, “What is our liability for outstanding debt?”
  • Have the ability to view layers of information within one report.
Standard Report
  • Trial Fund Balance with Trends - Report allows users to view trial balances at the general ledger level and the ability to drill through to document level and payroll detail. GL Account Balances can be viewed through trend report, displaying the past 5 years or a single year of activity based on fiscal year/period selection.

Financial Balances

Star Benefits and Advantages
  • Balances are calculated using a logic that removes timing differences in FI that can cause incorrect balance calculations that are present in the current SMUR and Account Balance listing in SAP
  • Summarized list of account balance runs faster and does not require background processing
  • Can be used to retrieve an accurate management or cash balance on an individual account quickly
Standard Report
  • Account Balance Listing is designed to provide a summary of balances for all accounts managed by an area or to retrieve a balance for a single account.

Funds Management Annual Budget

Star Benefits
  • Provides the ability to review the annual budget; budget changes made throughout the year are not included in this star.
  • Offers the flexibility to review or report at a high level, summarized view or granulated level.
Star Advantages
  • View how budget has changed from year to year
  • Detail view of how individuals or positions were originally budgeted
Standard Report
  • FM Annual Budget Detail Listing - Report can be exported to excel for the setup of the Base Budget Reconciliation (BBR) tool. The FM Annual Budget Detail Listing report provides the detail information from the annual budget system. Report breaks down the amounts into two groups – General Funds and Non-General Funds.

Funds Management

Star Benefits
  • View college or department revenue and expense
  • View Purchase order details and PO transaction listing
  • View any type of (non-grant) transactional listing, including RIO, SIO or commitment item
Star Advantages
  • Can reduce the “ins” and “outs” on transaction listings by removing details about the transaction (Line Item, Line Item Text, etc.).
Standard Report
  • Budget vs Actual with Drill Thru to Detailed Report is designed to provide information as needed through a prompt page and drill-thru capabilities. The summary report displays budget and expense information. The drill through offers a detailed transaction listing.

Grants Management

Three Stars
  • Grants Management, Grants Additional Attributes and Grants Management Reporting Unit
Star Benefits and Advantages
  • Opportunity to view granulated transactions at the level of grants, sponsored programs, sponsored class, commitment item, and accounting document number (FI document number).
  • Can view Grant related activities such as; budget, commitment, expense, other, or revenue at the transaction level
Standard Report
  • Cost Share Budget Reconciliation Summary Report - This report is beneficial when creating/reviewing monthly projections. Reconciliation is from the Grants Management perspective, to the Funds Management budget.

Student Financials

Star Benefits
  • Research or receive further information on banner-related charges
  • View scholarship and award balances and detail.
Star Advantages
  • Banner and SAP information joined for better reports
Standard Report
  • Scholarship and Awards is designed to provide transaction details concerning postings through the Banner system related to scholarships and awards. This report is used for monthly reconciliation, but can be used to view information concerning a specific posting.