Hagle Hall Construction Updates

This page will be updated occasionally with Construction Updates from the Purdue Bands & Orchestras Hagle Hall Student Ambassadors.  GIVE HERE to support the Hagle Hall project.

Week of April 25, 2022

  1. Punchlist continued on 2nd floor
  2. Final cleanings in 2nd floor rooms
  3. Punchlist started on 3rd and 4th floor
  4. Started installing trophy case
  5. Starting final painting 1st floor
  6. Continuing concrete on north side
  7. Drum enclosure doors installed

DID YOU KNOW: The Student Ambassadors have held 20 student tours around Hagle over the past year and have had over 150 students get tours during the construction process.


Photos (L to R):

  1. Site concrete on the North side
  2. Trophy case framing
  3. Flooring on the 1st floor percussion room
  4. Drum enclosure doors







Week of April 11, 2022

  1. Basement and 2nd floor punchlist were completed and correction will be made based on these checklists
  2. 1st floor walls were prepared for final painting
  3. 1st floor rehearsal room was saw cut for hearing loops
  4. 3rd floor rehearsal room wood flooring installed, next will be drapery
  5. 4th floor ductwork/ceiling painting began, will install separated wood-colored panels
  6. Glass railing in staircase have started installation
  7. Site concrete began pouring
    1. Sidewalk and driveway completed on east and south sides of the building
    2. Curb on west side of building is next

DID YOU KNOW: There are a total of 4,864 acoustical ceiling tiles. Not only are there acoustic panels on the walls of the rehearsal rooms and practice rooms, but the ceiling tiles of these rooms are specially designed by acousticians to promote the best sound in this state-of-the-art facility.

Photos (L to R):

  1. Saw cut for hearing loops in 1st floor rehearsal room
  2. Completed hardwood floor in 3rd floor rehearsal room
  3. 4th floor ceiling/ductwork prepared for painting
  4. Glass railing in staircase
  5. Site concrete on east side of building.












Week of April 4, 2022

    • 1st floor pendant decorative lights installed
    • Started pouring curbs on East side
    • Formwork ready for pouring curbs on West side
    • Stair A final painted
    • Started final painting stair B
    • Continued door hardware
    • Finish polishing 1st floor
    • Subfloor installed in 3rd floor orchestra room
    • Installed railings on 2nd and 4th floor

DID YOU KNOW: The time capsule that will go in the Donor Wall is set to be open in the year 2061, for the 175th anniversary of Purdue Bands and Orchestras.

Photos (L to R):

  1. Formwork on West side
  2. Railings on 2nd floor
  3. Subfloor installed on 3rd floor
  4. Curb poured on East side
  5. Stair A final painted
  6. Pendant decorative lights from 2nd floor











Week of March 22, 2022

  • Site concrete started
  • Bollards installed on East Side
  • Final painting the 4th floor
  • Fire alarm trims and hearing loops on the 4th floor
  • Installing lights on the 1st floor
  • Installing doors
  • Starting pre-punchwork
  • Sealing Stair A
  • Installed toilet partitions

DID YOU KNOW: Now that site concrete is starting, there will be about 270 cubic yards of site concrete once the building is complete.

Photos (L to R):

  1. Doors installed
  2. Stairs sealed
  3. Site starting excavation to prepare for concrete
  4. Bollards installed on east side








Week of February 28, 2022

  1. Stormwater system was installed at southeast corner of building
  2. Canopy roofs were finished on the north, west, and south sides.
  3. Final painting in bathrooms and corridors.
  4. Ceiling tile installed in third floor rehearsal room.
  5. Painting in first floor rehearsal room has commenced.
  6. Floor polishing has begun on third and fourth floors.
  7. Finished carpeting in rooms on second and third floors.
  8. Framework around Big Bass Drum has been installed.

Did You Know?: The Big Bass Drum enclosure door opening is approximately 10’ x 7’6”. The original door design was too large to manufacture, so Gilbane had to redesign based on the parameters of the iconic drum.

Photos (L to R):

  1. Stormwater System at southeast corner of building
  2. Typical canopy roof
  3. 3rd floor rehearsal room
  4. 1st floor rehearsal room
  5. Polished 3rd floor
  6. 3rd floor room with carpet

















Week of February 21, 2022:

  1. Installing storm lines on the south side
  2. Finished tiling bathroom walls
  3. Priming first floor paint
  4. Framing for first floor drapery
  5. Finish painting 3rd floor rooms
  6. Some doors starting to be installed in basement



On the first and third floors underneath the elevated landings are metal holders for “smoke baffles”. These are used to trap smoke if there is a fire so that it does not all rise to the top of the building.

Photos (L to R):

  1. Paint primer starting in first floor
  2. Door installed in basement
  3. Smoke baffles








Week of January 17, 2022

  • North and South entrance canopies were structurally framed.
  • In the basement and 2nd floor, above ceiling inspection were completed. Lights, outlets, and drop ceiling tiles were installed.
  • South glass curtain wall to be set by the end of 1/28.
  • In third floor rehearsal room, drywall is currently being installed and will be finished by the end of next week.
  • Wall tiles and countertops in the bathrooms will be assembled through next week.
  • 1st floor “World’s Largest Drum” Enclosure is being framed.
  • The glass for the 3rd floor conference room was installed during winter break.
  • 4th floor balcony glass walls were installed during winter break.


Did You Know?: There have been zero recordable safety incidents in the 80,000 man-hours dedicated to the Hagle Hall Construction Project.

Photos (L to R):

  1. Drop ceiling in hallways, complete with lighting
  2. Drywall in 3rd floor rehearsal room
  3. Drywall in 3rd floor rehearsal room
  4. Bathroom with installed wall tile, drop ceiling, and lighting
  5. Northwest Glass Enclosure for The World’s Largest Drum
  6. Inside view of enclosure for The World’s Largest Drum
  7. 3rd Floor Conference Room, glass walls installed
  8. 4th floor balcony glass walls installed











Week of November 29, 2021

  • Curtain wall frames installed on the north elevation. L-shaped curtain wall on 4th floor to begin framing.
  • Exterior brick and masonry will be completed on all exterior elevations next week.
  • Sanding drywall in basement, priming to begin Thursday.
  • Drywall in Stair A continue to be installed.
  • Drywall in bathrooms to begin this week. Then, toilet partitions will be measured to prepare for fabrication.


Did You Know?: The asphalt manufacturing plants, which supplies the asphalt to repair the street and pedestrian walkway, usually closes at Thanksgiving for the winter due to cold weather and reopens in the spring when there is warmer temperatures.


Photos (L to R):

  1. L-shaped curtain wall framing on 4th floor- North Elevation
  2. L-shaped curtain wall framing on 4th floor- West Elevation
  3. Sanding drywall in basement, ready for priming
  4. Stair A drywall
  5. Drywall in bathroom







Week of November 15, 2021

  • Brick on the south wall complete, now finishing the southwest corner
  • Continuing limestone on northwest corner
  • Installing curtain wall window frames
    • Adding plastic to those windows
  • Installing south side storefront frames
  • Starting taping in basement and drywall in 3rd floor
  • Drywall on basement bathrooms continued

Did You Know:

There are about 70,000 bricks in Hagle Hall, and they come to the site in “Skids” as seen in picture #2 below.

Photos (L to R):

  1. Bricks on the south wall completed
  2. Bricks on skids outside Hagle Hall
  3. Drywall on basement bathrooms
  4. Plastic covers on “L” wall on 4th floor








Week of November 8, 2021

  • Exterior brick washing on the north face of the building is 90% complete. Each face takes about a week to clean
  • Completion of the south side brick and limestone placement will occur within the next week and a half
  • Work begins on the 4th floor balcony roof
  • Taping and painting of basement drywall to be complete next week
  • Framing at north face curtain wall is under way. Glass to be installed after framing measurements
  • Did You Know: Gilbane is providing a mock-up of a typical practice room that shows the finish quality work of the expected room. Installation of drywall, paint, flooring, light fixtures, and ceiling will be completed in the next few weeks

Photos (L to R):

  1. East face brick cleaning process. The right half has been cleaned and the left half will be cleaned.
  2. Framing measurements being taken at the north face curtain wall.
  3. The mock-up room getting closer for review by Hagle Hall Project team.
  4. From left to right: Jordan Hughes, Superintendent; Joey Martin, Student Ambassador; Josh Fiore, Student Ambassador; Lucy Han, Student Ambassador










Week of November 1, 2021

  • Most of the roof is complete, it will be watertight soon
  • Steam heaters are firing up this week as the building becomes more closed in
  • East side brick complete, continuing on south side
  • Working to finish brick exterior before the temperatures drop too much
  • East side window frames are being installed with glass coming soon
  • Drywall hanging almost finished in basement, will be progressing to 2nd floor next, along with framing in basement
  • Framing in 3rd floor rehearsal room complete along with some drywall


  1. All the piping needed for the temporary heaters








Week of October 25, 2021

  • The roof is 50% complete, with a goal of 80% complete by the end of the week
  • Ongoing installation of drywall in rehearsal room and hallways in basement
  • Steam heaters are installed and operational, supplying temporary heat to building
  • Glass installation on north elevation begins this week
  • East elevation brick and limestone to finish installation by end of the week
  • Thursday 10/28- 3rd floor in-wall inspection takes place- will start drywall installation after
  • Overhead ductwork on 1st floor begins this week


Did You Know?: The steam for the steam heaters are supplied from the power plant south of campus. Steam is used instead of propane to heat the building under construction due to steam’s comparatively low cost.



  1. The drywall in the basement rehearsal room








Week of October 18, 2021

  • East side brick façade to be completed in next 2 weeks
  • Roofing started now that rain has stopped
  • Drywall starting to be installed in basement
  • Temporary heating to be installed 10/20, now that building is becoming more weatherproof
  • 2nd floor inspection coming soon to get all-clear for drywall
  • “Mock-up” room finishing up, with paint, carpet, ceiling, and lighting
  • Large rehearsal room on 3rd floor started framing
  • DID YOU KNOW: Several practice rooms have 2 layers of drywall in order to help with acoustics and prevent sound from bleeding into other rooms.


Photos (L to R):

  1. framing on the 3rd floor rehearsal room
  2. window frames installed
  3. drywall installed in the basement rehearsal room
  4. mock up room, with painted walls, ceiling tiles and lights








Week of October 11, 2021

Now that classes are becoming routine, Hagle Hall is starting to take shape and resemble many of the buildings just like it on campus:

  • The roof was delivered on 10/5 and will be installed the week of 10/18
  • Window framing and glass installations begin the week of 10/18
  • Elevator installation begins this week
  • First inspection of basement (plumbing) this week
  • Installation of acoustic pads behind junction boxes nearing completion. Acoustic pads improve acoustics by sealing all holes near electric outlets and junction boxes.
  • Limestone at Third Street entrance vestibule was placed. This Limestone wraps into the inside of the building from the ellipse section
  • Professor Jay Gephart’s office is framed out
  • PB&O Student Tours begin on 10/11

Photos (L to R):

  1. Typical acoustic pad
  2. The limestone and red brick on the east face of the building
  3. The limestone vestibule at the entrance to Third St
  4. Professor Gephart’s office framed out

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