Planning Student Organization Events

It is important for student organizations to plan activities throughout the year to provide their members with a sense of purpose.  Organization and planning are key elements to making any event a success.  A well-organized event will showcase the effectiveness of an organization and show others what membership in the group is all about.  Planning should occur by the group, not just the leader.  Members should feel they are contributing to the organization which will increase commitment and avoid misunderstandings.

Steps to Planning Activities:

1. Identify what you want to do and what outcome you want.
• Does this activity align with the mission and purpose of the organization?
• What is the outcome expected—knowledge, strengthen group ties, recruitment, accomplishment of a specific task?
• Who is to participate—members only, invitees, campus community, open to the public?
• What type of activity will help to achieve desired outcome of educational, social, recreational, service, and fundraising?
• How will you measure event outcomes? Track RSVP, invitations or event actual attendance? (verify your goal attainment)

2. Identify what arrangements may be necessary.
• What resources should be obtained—speakers, films, handouts?
• What facilities should be secured—meeting room, auditorium, athletic facility, park shelter house, table at the Union?
• What special arrangements are required—lighting, audio/visual requirements, catering, auxiliary services, and emergency preparations?

3. Identify the University procedures to be observed.
• Will you need to fill out an Activity form?
• Does facilities/transportation need to be reserved with appropriate offices?
• Is there anything in the activity which violates University Regulations?
• Have you allowed enough time to coordinate your plans with all of the departments involved?

4. Identify the financial arrangements necessary.
• What is the cost?
• What are the sources of funds? (Can we apply for a grant?)
• Will the organization pay all expenses? Is this a co-sponsorship event?
• Will participants be charged an admission?
• What can you get donated?

5. Arrange for publicity for the event.
• Will flyers be distributed: bulletin boards, residence halls, fraternities, sororities, cooperatives, and off-campus?
• Will media be used? The Exponent, Journal and Courier, radio and television (advertisements, articles, calendar, or public service announcements)
• Will social media be used? (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) Will RSVPs be done via BoilerLink or otherwise to track attendance?
• Post on when you file your Event form

6. Check out all arrangements PRIOR TO the actual time of the activity.
• Are the facilities and arrangements adequate for the number expected?
• Are resources onsite & accessible? Overhead projector, DVD, etc.?
• Movie showcasing guidelines followed?
• Who is the member in charge during the activity?
• Who is the member in charge of cleanup?

7. Evaluate the activity after it is completed.
• Who participated and how did they respond?
• Was planning adequate and were goals realized?
• What recommendations are there for follow-up or a repeat next year?

Online Activity Planning Processes:

Who can submit an Activity Form?
The PRESIDENT, TREASURER & ADVISOR are the only people automatically selected in BoilerLink to create and submit Activity Forms.
However, any of the previous mentioned can give Event Creation privileges to other organization members by using the organization’s ROSTER tab –> Managing Positions and assigning Full Events Access to members who will create events.


Consider the risk factors, financial factors and submit the form if in doubt!

To complete the Activity Form, gather the following:

1. Detailed information regarding the event and description of the event’s purpose.
2. Name of the person in charge of the event, their name and contact information.
3. Reserve the space to be used in advance. It is the student’s responsibility to reserve room locations for events. Proof of reservation will be needed for the online event planning form. (It can be input by pasting or uploading when prompted)
4. Estimated costs of event, including Income and Expenses
5. Fill out the Event/Activity form on the organization’s BoilerLink profile page.
6. Remember that forms must be filed online at least two weeks prior to the event start date. The Student Activities Office, Business Office and others may need to that time to verify and clear all information and situations.

Reserving Spaces

Most spaces, including Memorial Mall & outdoor spaces, are able to be reserved through Space Management. Other campus areas are as follows:
Elliott Hall, Loeb Playhouse, Fowler Hall, or Slayter Center & Hill
Krannert Auditorium and Drawing Room: Contact: Krannert Building ~ Room 483, 765-494-4434
Bike Lane by Stewart Center
Parking Lots or Garages (not Ross-Ade lot)
Union or Stewart Center
: Table spaces and rooms
Squirrel Park, PU Village Community Center: Contact: Lori Hullinger at
Recreational Sports Center: (space, pool, outdoor field, ropes course, Picket Park etc.): On reservation site, please refer to Purdue Affiliate notes on how reservations are answered.
Residence Halls, Lounges, and Dining Courts: Contact: The hall Front Desks, or the University Residences main office at Smalley Center, 765- 494-1000.
Ross-Ade Lot, Mackey Arena or other athletic dept. areas: Contact Dan Mason at and follow directions he shares with you for the location you are requesting to use.
Ross-Ade Pavilion or Shively Center