Organization Recognition and Registration Processes

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) at Purdue University must fulfill certain requirements  for recognition, in addition to completing the registration process.

  • Each organization must have at least two student officers. These two students will become the “President” and “Treasurer” of the organization.
  • Each organization must have a full-time faculty/staff advisor on campus.
  • Each student officer must not be on academic probation with the University during the term they hold their office.
  • Each student officer must meet the minimum requirements for earned credit hours (officers must be at least second semester freshmen in status).
  • Each organization’s constitution must have three required statements: non-discrimination, treasurer, and amendment statements (found in the constitution outline link in the “Forming a New Organization” section).

Forming a New Organization:

Creating a new organization at Purdue begins with searching BoilerLink to see if an organization already exists with the same purpose as the one you would like to start.  Use the “search” option (found within the “Organizations” tab) to search key words that would be involved with your new organization. Students can also inquire about inactive organizations, which are not shown on the active BoilerLink directory listing. The SAO staff can assist with these questions. If you do not find a group that is substantially similar to the one you hope to initiate, you must follow these steps in forming your new organization:

  1. Gather the interested students/faculty/staff to write the constitution. Make sure the required statements—shown in the constitution outline—are included.
  2. Make decisions on who will be the inaugural president, treasurer, advisor, and any other officer positions that are required based on your constitution.
  3. Review the requirements for filing and getting trained on becoming a new organization.  If there are any issues or questions, please contact the SAO staff for a consultation.
  4. Complete the new organization registration form on BoilerLink during one of the registration period. New organizations will have the duration of the registration period, or 60 days from their initiation date, whichever is later to complete the process to become fully recognized.

Registration period: August 1-February 15th

5. New Organization Online Registration Process-

  • The president must log into BoilerLink. By making the submission, they will become the primary contact for the organization.
  • On the home page, find the “Organization” tab. On the left sidebar, select the “Register” button under “Register a New Organization”.
  • Read the instructions page to ensure you have all the information that will be required for the submission.
  • Enter the information of the new organization:
    • Official Name
    • Short Description
    • Acronym (optional)
    • Contact email
    • External URL (optional)
    • Website key (this is the club name as one word, no spaces)
    • In next seven boxes, provide any contact information for the organization.
  • Update the organization roster by adding the president, treasurer and advisor plus at least three additional members.
  • List at least the name and email for each member.
  • The “Required Positions” box on the left must have three green check marks before you can continue to the next step.
  • Upload the .doc or .pdf version of the constitution.
  • Once finished, select “Next” to complete the roster step.
  • Read through the completed information for your organization.
  • Select “Finish” to submit the new organization registration form.
  • The president will receive notification stating the submission is pending.
  • After the organization is approved, ensure that the officers have all responded to the email they receive to confirm their status in the organization (they must each log in to the site, and accept their position).
  1. Once the organization has received a letter that they have been approved and recognized, they will need to open a Business Office for Student Organizations (BOSO) account, set passwords for the ITAP email and web space, and build their website. The president will be directly connected by ITAP to set controls for the web space and email assigned to the organization.  That connection is found on Secure Purdue page (listed under additional items that student is connected to with ITAP). Once reset, the president can share those passwords as needed to delegate so others may access email and web space to do organization work.

How to Register/Re-Registration:

This form is completed by the new/incoming president, and should be a part of the transitioning done with the outgoing president.

  • All organizations must self-select in which window they choose to register.

1. Fall Registration period: Aug. 1 – Oct. 15th

       2. Spring Registration period: Jan. 15 – April 1st

  • Renewing organizations must complete all registration requirements by the end of the registration window or will be listed as Inactive until all requirements are completed.
  • Both President and Treasurer must complete their required officer workshop during the registration window.
  • All organizations are required to update their constitution and submit during the registration window. See constitution for the required statements.
  • Search for your organization’s name in the “Organizations Directory”. Click the “Register this Organization” button.
  • On the profile page of the organization, select the “Register” button.

Changing/Transitioning Organization Officers:

Organizations elect and transition their officers at different times during the school year. New officer information must be submitted to the Student Activities Office within the registration window (Univ. Regs.). This registration is done by filing a registration form on BoilerLink (follow the registration process outlined above).

Once the registration is complete, there are a few more steps to make the transition official:

  • The roster of the organization must be updated to reflect the changes in officer titles.
  • SAO staff will notify ITAP of the change in officers, and the incoming (new) president will be direct connected to any web space, email, or account online with ITAP (which is controlled by the student organization).
  • SAO staff will share the registration information with BOSO to change financial account accesses for COOL.

Constitution Revisions or Organization Name Changes:

Revisions and/or changes to any part of the constitution must be submitted to SAO for review and approval.  You may not change the organization name without approval from SAO.

An organization will revise and vote on the change to the organization constitution. The revised constitution must then be emailed or delivered to the SAO office for review. Once approved, a final copy will be submitted with the signatures of the advisor and president.  SAO staff will change the organization name (if applicable) and replace the original constitution with the newly approved version in the organization’s documents stored on BoilerLink. An electronic copy will be kept on file with the SAO office.