Event Policies and Risk Management Procedures

Alcoholic Beverages at Events

Student organizations may not serve or possess alcoholic beverages in any University student residence unit. Student organizations may seek approval from the Executive Vice President and Treasurer or his/her designee to have alcoholic beverages served at on-campus organizational functions in areas designated by the University and under the supervision of the Purdue Memorial Union or the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, subject to compliance with all University regulations and applicable Indiana state laws. Under no conditions may organizational funds maintained in the Business Office for Student Organizations be used to buy, sell, or provide alcoholic beverages on or off campus.

Amplified Sound

In order to prevent disruption to businesses, offices, and classes, programs on campus activity involving amplified SOUND IS GENERALLY NOT PERMITTED. When it is permitted, (per University Regulations will be regulated to prevent interference with academic programs or other officially sponsored activities. Some permission is given to using the 10 minutes between class periods, but this is on a by case basis.

Competitions/Hold Harmless Waiver Forms

The hold harmless general release waiver form allows participants in Purdue sponsored events to waive, release, and hold harmless the University for damages that may be sustained during their voluntary participation in a student organization activity. A waiver should be used primarily in conjunction with recreational programs that are voluntary in nature, or in other programs that are beyond the usual educational operation of the Institution. Completed waivers must be kept on file by the student organization for at least two years post event, plus one additional year.


Many student organizations aspire to have a concert on the West Lafayette campus. Although they are fun, there is a lot of advanced logistical planning and detail that should be considered before undertaking this huge responsibility. Additionally, there are certain guidelines and University regulations that must be followed in order for a concert to take place, and there will be a meeting with the Campus Safety Panel so planning a concert requires you to submit the online form at least 90 days in advance.

Purdue Concert Guide


A conference would certainly be a special event that an organization could host and/or execute. Per University Regulations Part 7, Section IV, D this is an event that would need to be discussed, planned, and organized far in advance and in conjunction with Conferences Division at Purdue University.

Demonstration, Rallies, Marches, Vigils, Protests and Parades

1. A basic general requirement for staging a demonstration, rally, march, protest, vigil or parade is that the activity must not interfere with academic programs or other scheduled functions of the University. Sound and amplifying equipment is generally not permitted and when permitted will be regulated to prevent interference with academic programs or other officially sponsored activities. See organization policies for more information.
2. In order to insure availability of appropriate space, these types of events must be registered far enough in advance of the event so that all departments of the University involved with the scheduling of such events can be properly notified. To register an event, an event form must be submitted online and at least two weeks in advance of the date of the event. Each organization accesses this form from their BoilerLink page.
3. In the event that more than one demonstration or rally is planned for the same area, the one that is properly registered and is scheduled first will have priority.
4. The south end of Memorial Mall (area west of Stewart Center) is reserved for demonstrations and rallies. If a student group wishes to consider other areas of the campus for similar activities, the plans must be discussed with staff in the Student Activities and Organizations office and the appropriate approval obtained.
5. Approval from the Student Activities and Organizations must be obtained if off-campus speakers are to address participants of demonstrations, rallies, marches, parades, protests or vigils held on campus. An event form may be used by a student organization to obtain such approval if they are the sponsor for this event.

Event Timing

• Sunday – Thursday ending by MIDNIGHT
• Friday & Saturday ending by 3 am.

Dates during Examinations:

Schedule Limitations during Final Examination Period. It is strongly recommended that no extracurricular activity requiring student participation be scheduled by the faculty and staff at the West Lafayette Campus during or immediately prior to periods in either semester or the summer session when final examinations are given. The purpose of such voluntary restriction of extracurricular activities is to protect and enhance the opportunities for preparation, review, and study as well as to minimize physical, emotional, and mental strain on students during such periods. In the event there is no alternative to scheduling extracurricular activities during the periods specified, student participation must be on a voluntary basis. A student who feels compelled to participate in an extracurricular activity at the expense of time needed for study and preparation for an exam is encouraged to carry their concern to any appropriate University agency (i.e., Student Activities and Organizations-SAO).

Events with Speakers

1. There are three types of meetings at which recognized student organizations may sponsor outside speakers on the Purdue campus:
a. Meetings closed to all but the student organization members or invitees
b. Meetings restricted to members of the University community
c. Meetings open to the general public
2. Meetings open only to organization members, callouts and several other types of events need not be registered on an Event/Activity Form. See the second page of the Event Form online for a full list of events that don’t require a form submission.
3. Members of student organizations planning to invite speakers to the campus should consult with staff members in the Student Activities and Organizations office so that they follow the regulations set forth in the Student Organization Speaker Scheduling Procedures and the Regulations Governing the Use and Assignment of University Facilities.
4. If there is a contract to pay the speaker, BOSO will review and sign this contract. Submit all details on the Event/Activity form; upload any contract given to the organization by the speaker and BOSO will review and sign any contracts.

Events with Students with Disabilities

Recognized student organizations at Purdue University must provide access to their programs and activities for qualified students and other participants with disabilities. The Student Activities and Organizations office provides student organizations with information for obtaining auxiliary aids and services for students with disabilities who wish to participate in programs and activities. To obtain this information, the student organization:

1. Must submit an Event/Activity Planning form online at least two weeks in advance of the program or activity.
2. Describe the requested auxiliary aids and services.
3. Provide the name of each student for whom auxiliary aids and services are requested. If the preceding conditions are satisfied, any costs associated with the provision of auxiliary aids and services may be paid from the Student Organization Operating Fund. Student organizations are encouraged to cover the costs associated with the provision of auxiliary aids and services by building them into the overall fees of an event or by budgeting for projected expenses each year.
4. Student organizations may establish reasonable notification deadlines for requests for auxiliary aids and services by students with disabilities who wish to participate in a program or activity. To receive these auxiliary aids and services, a student with a disability must provide appropriate documentation in accordance with the Disability Resource Center’s policy, “Documentation of Disabling Conditions and Determination of Academic Adjustments.” A non-student with a disability who wishes to participate in a student organization’s program or activity should contact the organizer of the program or activity.

If a program or activity for which auxiliary aids and services are requested is canceled, postponed, or rescheduled, the student organization is required to pay any costs incurred to fill the request unless it has given 72 hours’ notice to the SAO office.

Free Space

Purdue University is a public institution. As such there are public areas that are “free space” for demonstration, protest, performance, etc. without reservation needed. That space on campus is the area on the south end of the Memorial Mall, closest to State Street. However, while in this space the police have jurisdiction to serve and protect if there is any direct threat to a person or a group.

Sales, Canvassing, Political Campaigning and Contributions Projects

Recognized nonprofit student organizations may, through filing an event form, conduct sales, canvassing, and contribution projects on campus. Such projects may include the selling of printed material on campus grounds. All projects involving the sale of any item, including tickets, must be registered in advance on an event form, and cleared through the Business Office for Student Organizations.

Student organizations who wish to canvas door-to-door in the University Residences should be approved through the Student Activities Office (SAO) via and Event/Activity online form. Full guidelines can be found on BoilerLink under the Campus Life, Documents section. Canvassing Guidelines and approval will be given for Residence Halls through the Smalley Center 494-1000.


All events sponsored by student organizations that are open to the public or that have high attendance may be subject to the requirements of having additional security required.

• All decisions regarding security requirements or security waivers for events will be at the discretion of PUPD in consultation with the Student Activities and Organizations Office and the host facility staff, NOT the student organization.
• PUPD’s presence does not relinquish the student organization’s responsibility in confronting potential problems. The student organization is responsible for primary intervention in the event of any problems or potentially confrontational situations. PUPD officer(s) will assist when needed.

Special Events

University premises and facilities are available for use by individuals or organizations for purposes relating directly to the University’s regular educational or research programs. Any individual(s) or organization wishing to use University premises or facilities for any other purpose must obtain approval from the appropriate campus authorities. Questions relating to such usage should be directed to the Space Management & Academic Scheduling.

Campus authorities may grant permission to use University premises and facilities to these organizations when the use is generally compatible with the University’s teaching, research, and public service missions.

Many registered organizations sponsor events deemed to be “special events.” These are events that require extra set up, extra approval, may have risk associated with them, or have unusual circumstances. These events will be discussed with the Student Activities and Organization office staff, and then the organization may be invited to share plans with the Purdue Senior Leadership Staff.