Funding Opportunities

Community Engagement for Purdue Students Grant Program
Cheryl Butz, Office of Engagement Administrative Assistant
This program is facilitated by the Office of Engagement. The program’s goal is to foster the expansion of community service involvement including service learning and experiential learning opportunities by Purdue Students in partnership with communities, non-profit agencies, schools, and governmental bodies. The University will fund projects/services that will encourage students to become involved in community life by assisting in solving problems or providing a service while utilizing their education and expertise. To obtain the application, visit the Service Learning page on the Office of Engagement website.

Community Service Mini-Grants
The Community Service Mini-Grant program offers students at Indiana Campus Compact institutions the opportunity to gain funding for service projects designed in collaboration with community organizations to meet real community needs. $100-$1000 is awarded for project supplies, materials, and some transportation and food costs. The duration of these direct service projects range from one day to one semester or longer, but all offer some long-term benefit for the collaborating organization. Community Service Mini-Grant are due the 15th of each month. Contact Keri Hunter at the Indiana Campus Compact at 317-274-6500 for further information.

Federal Work-Study
For students who show need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have Federal Work-Study awards in their financial aid package, work-study jobs are available. Federal Work-Study is a financial aid program designed to help students meet educational costs through part-time employment with a work-study eligible such as a local nonprofit organization.