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To engage every Purdue student in a meaningful co-curricular learning experience that leads to success at Purdue University and beyond.

Mission Statement:

Student Activities and Organizations (SAO) furthers students’ intellectual, personal, and professional development through co-curricular programs, services, and events that are intentionally designed to provide purposeful, challenging, experiential, and reflective learning opportunities.  SAO creates and models inclusive environments where students engage in opportunities to integrate their in-class and out-of-class learning to enhance their leadership identity, community involvement and commitment to social responsibility.   

Guiding Values:

We commit to supporting, through voice and action, all Purdue students and other members of the Purdue community in pursuit of our vision and mission.

We commit to continually improving our programs and services by regularly and consistently collecting data; analyzing the data; and making changes and adjustments, as needed, to meet learning outcomes and goals of our programs and services.

We commit to utilizing the strengths of others, in the context of mutual respect, to achieve shared goals.

Diversity & Cultural Competence
We commit to becoming culturally competent educators; to valuing the contributions of others who have beliefs and traditions that are different than our own; to respecting freedom of expression and inquiry; and to creating an environment that is inclusive, safe, supportive and welcoming to all members of the Purdue community.

Effective Communication
We commit to clearly sharing accurate information in a timely manner through means of communication that adapts and respects diverse communication styles.

We commit to holding ourselves to high expectations of professionalism and being outstanding in all we do in pursuit of our vision and mission.

Holistic Student Development
We commit to intentionally challenging and supporting students in their intellectual, emotional, social, ethical, physical, and spiritual development.

We commit to being agents of change by supporting creativity and by embracing new approaches to program and service delivery.

We commit to being a respected campus/community partner by being credible and doing what we say we will do.