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SecurePurdue Token - How to Use Your New BoilerKey

If your BoilerKey looks like this:
Purdue BoilerKey
Please click here.
If you BoilerKey looks like this:
Purdue BoilerKey
This document is for you.

Getting Started

Congratulations on moving into a new-era of computer security. Your new BoilerKey provides greatly enhanced security. To get started with your new BoilerKey, you need to set a new personal identification number or PIN.

Set a New PIN

Go to the Purdue BoilerKey Self Serve page. Login to the page using your career account credentials.
  • Verify that you have the BoilerKey that has been assigned to you by comparing the serial number on the back of the BoilerKey to the serial number listed on the Self Serve page.
  • Enter a four-digit number in the box following "PIN:". Set it to some four-digit combination of numbers that you can remember. Please avoid easily guessed combinations such as 1234 or 4321. Note: PINs with all the same digit (i.e. 1111 or 8888) are not allowed to be used.
  • Next, in the box immediately following the label "BoilerKey Code:", enter the six-digit number currently displayed on your BoilerKey.
  • Wait approximately one minute for your BoilerKey code to change, then enter the new six-digit number in the box following the label "Next BoilerKey Code:"
  • Click on the "Set New PIN" button.
  • Your BoilerKey should now be successfully set and you should see the confirmation: "Your BoilerKey is enabled and ready for use."

Using the BoilerKey

Passcode Replaces Password

In all applications using the BoilerKey, the password is replaced with the passcode. The passcode is made up of your four-digit personal identification number (PIN) plus the six-digit number currently displayed on the BoilerKey (a total of ten digits).

PIN + BoilerKey Code = Passcode
5445 + 041281 = 5445041281

Using the BoilerKey for OnePurdue SAP Portal Authentication

You may use your BoilerKey to access your OnePurdue SAP Portal. You will continue to use your Career Account login and password for other Purdue resources. To use your BoilerKey on the portal:
  • Go to the Purdue BoilerKey Self Serve page. In the "Available BoilerKey Authentication Service" section, turn on the OnePurdue SAP Portal service.
  • Connect to OnePurdue SAP Portal.
  • In the "User ID" box enter your career account login name.
  • In the "Password" box, enter your passcode (the PIN, then the current BoilerKey code; ten (10) digits total).
  • Click the "Log on" button. You should now have access to the Portal.
  • If you have difficulty logging in, please refer to the "Problems?" section of this webpage.



You may encounter the OnePurdue SAP Portal error message: "User Authentication Failed" when attempting to login. If subsequent attempts are also unsuccessful or you have other difficulties with the BoilerKey, go to the SecurePurdue page at and follow the BoilerKey links to the Self Serve page. Login to the page using your career account login name and password.
  • Beneath "Check your passcode", enter your PIN in the box following "PIN".
  • Enter the current BoilerKey code in the box following "BoilerKey Code:"
  • Click on the "Check Passcode" button.
    • If successful, you will receive a message: "The passcode was correct". Please contact the ITaP Customer Service Center or your Distributed IT Support to further troubleshoot your authentication problem.
    • If unsuccessful, please use "Set a New PIN" on the self sever page. Instructions are in the Getting Started section of this webpage

      If you are successful in resetting your PIN, please attempt to use your BoilerKey for authentication once again.
  • Contact your distributed IT group, the ITaP Customer Service Center or if you have further difficulties.

Don't Have Your Key With You?

Please contact your Distributed IT Support or the ITaP Customer Service Center immediately to report a lost or stolen BoilerKey. If you are temporarily without your BoilerKey, they can reset your SAP Portal access to use the career account password. Please notify them again to resume use of the BoilerKey.

About the BoilerKey

Security is the best reason to use the new BoilerKey. Guessing or stealing a password becomes extremely difficult with a password that changes every minute. In addition, the BoilerKey offers you a convenient way to login to secure applications without using a complex password that you have to change every 30 days

Your new BoilerKey displays a continually changing series of six digits. These six digits, combined with a non-changing, four digit personal identification number (PIN) of your choosing, are used in place of a password. Logging into secure applications then becomes a matter of entering your user name, then filling in the password with your personal identification number (PIN) and the current six digit number (BoilerKey code) displayed on your BoilerKey. Once a BoilerKey code has been used once, it cannot be used again. This one-time password feature provides an extra level of security

Helpful BoilerKey Links

ITaP Customer Center

ITaP Customer Service Center
On Campus: 4-4000
Off Campus: 765-494-4000

BoilerKey Care

The BoilerKey is the property of Purdue University and is issued to employees in the normal course of their employment. Keys must be promptly surrendered to the University at termination or separation of employment.

The Key and PIN must be kept private and secure; do not permit others to use the token or PIN or any session established with the Key.

You must not attempt to alter, circumvent or otherwise tamper with the BoilerKey. Do not corrupt, deface or damage the BoilerKey. The BoilerKey has no replaceable parts, including its battery.

You are responsible for the BoilerKey so please keep it attached to a personal item such as a key chain to insure its safety and availability.

The BoilerKey is designed to be rugged and should last for approximately six years. However, treat it with the same care you would any sensitive electronic device such as a cell phone or PDA.

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