Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

Other Related Events

Purdue provides a rich methodological environment for behavioral, health, and social scientists such as those who are affiliated with AMAP. However, there is a wide-ranging methodological community on campus who host talks, seminars, and other events that may be of interest. You can find a sampling of these below. 

Integrative Data Science Initiative 

The IDSI is a University-wide initiative promoting robust interdisciplinary collaboration whose vision is to be at the forefront of advancing data science-enabled research and education by tightly coupling theory, discovery, and applications while providing students with an integrated, data science-fluent campus ecosystem. Visit their events page to find out about interesting data science talks across campus.


For Fall 2020, the statistics department is hosting a Distinguished Theme Seminar Series on Deep Learning Methods and Theory. The four talks in the series are:

  • Lawrence Carin (Duke, Aug 28@3:30pm EDT)
  • Heng Huang (Pittsburg, Sept 4@10:30am EDT)
  • Ying Nian Wu (UCLA, Sept 11@10:30am EDT) 
  • Ruslan Salakhutdinov (Carnegie Mellon, Sept 18@10:30am EDT)

Digital Humanities/Digital Scholarship

Purdue Libraries also offer regular workshops on methods of interest to behavioral health and social scientists. Visit this sie to see their lineup of Fall 2019 Workshops. We highlight two workshop series below.

Series I: Using Social Media in Your Research

September 18, 2019, 2 pm - Introduction to Social Media Analysis

October 16, 2019, 2 pm - Visualizing Social Media Networks with Gephi

November 20, 2019, 2 pm - Exploring Reddit through Text Analysis in R

Series II: Computational Text Analysis and Library Resources

October 3, 2019, 2:30 pm - Computational Text Analysis in the Gale Digital Scholar Lab

November 7, 2019, 2:30 pm - Computational Text Analysis with HathiTrust Research Analytics (Session I)

December 5, 2019, 2:30 pm - Computational Text Analysis with HathiTrust Research Analytics (Session II)

Additional Events

In addition, the statistics department keeps a color-coded calendar of methods seminars and events across the University.