Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

Methods Courses at Purdue

The following list is intended as a resource for graduate students at Purdue interested in taking methods courses and/or interested in taking courses that qualify for the AMAP graduate certificate. The list is not exhaustive; other methods courses at Purdue can qualify for the AMAP graduate certificate with approval (see details here).


Shawn Bauldry (Sociology)

Sharon Christ (Human Development and Family Studies)

Robert Duncan (Human Development and Family Studies / Public Health Graduate Program)

Andrew Flachs (Anthropology)

Jeremy Foote (Brian Lamb School of Communication)

  • Summer, 2021: COM 674 - Introduction to Programming and Data Science (past syllabus)

Gregory Francis (Psychological Sciences)

  • Fall, 2020: PSY 626 - Bayesian Statistics For Psychological Sciences

John Green (Brian Lamb School of Communication)

  • Fall, 2020: COM 582 - Descriptive/Experimental Research In Communication

Tara Grillos (Political Science)

  • Fall, 2020: POL 606 - Field Research Methods (A mixed methods course which covers both qualitative and quantitative methods)

Erin Hennes (Psychological Sciences)

  • Fall, 2020: PSY 606 - ANOVA for the Behavioral Sciences

Natalie Lambert (Brian Lamb School of Communication)

Sean Lane (Psychological Sciences)

Ian Lindsay (Anthropology)

  • Fall, 2021: ANTH 523 - GIS for Humanities and Social Science Research (flyer

Kristine Marceau (College of Health and Human Sciences)

Sorin Matei (Brian Lamb School of Communication)

Trent Mize (Sociology)

Zoe Nyssa (Anthropology)

  • Spring, 2019: ANTH 641 - Discovery & Design: Making Projects Work

Erik Otarola-Castillo (Anthropology)

Jeremy Reynolds (Sociology)

Kendall Roark (Library Science & Anthropology)

Qianqi Song (Psychological Sciences)

  • Fall, 2020: PSY 610 - Multivariate Analysis In The Behavioral Science

Giancarlo Visconti (Political Science)

  • Fall, 2018: POL 501 - Introduction to Political Methodology
  • Spring, 2019: POL 605 - Political Methodology II
  • Fall, 2020: POL 501 - Introduction to Political Methodology

Matthew Hannah

Sammie Morris

David Yu

Jie Shan

Seungyoon Lee