Alcohol Innerview

Alcohol Innerview, an online alcohol education program, uses your information and gives immediate feedback to help you reflect on your drinking compared to other students. The goal is to avoid alcohol-related problems (i.e., poor grades, legal and relationship problems) and reduce your risk of causing or experiencing further problems.

The feedback is based on responses from more than 50,000 college students who completed AlcoholEdu¨ for College. You can print and/or email your feedback for personal use or provide for discussion in counseling sessions.

Receive brief, personalized, and confidential feedback about drinking choices that include:

  • Quick completion in 15-20 minutes
  • Guaranteed confidentiality for students
  • Personal feedback compared to more than 50,000 college students
  • Immediate printouts or email feedback

Alcohol Innerview Login

Step 1 - Go to:

Alcohol Education Innerview

Step 2 - Under "New User", enter the following Alcohol Innerview Login ID:

Step 3 - Click "Sign Up"

Step 4 – You will be prompted to enter your birth month/year and create a username.

Step 5 – Beginning taking Alcohol Innerview

You must complete Alcohol Innerview in one sitting. Typical completion time is 15-20 minutes. If you log out during your experience, you will need to start over from the beginning.

NOTE: If you need to complete Alcohol Innerview as a requirement, be sure to print out or email your results. If you log out before printing or emailing your results, you will need to create a new account and go through Alcohol Innerview again.

Technical Help

Should you experience any difficulties or require support, click the "Need Help" button located in the bottom of every screen (available 24/7). You do NOT need to be logged on to the course to access the Help site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if a student doesn't email or print the results? Students who do not email or print their results (shown upon completion of the program) must retake Alcohol Innerview in its entirety.
  2. Can students who need to retake the program use the same username? No. Username information is not maintained after the student completes the course and can only be used once.
  3. Who can access students' answers in the survey? Outside The Classroom ensures the protection of all your information. To ensure student confidentiality and privacy, Outside The Classroom deletes all account information and responses once students complete Alcohol Innerview and/or if a student logs out during Alcohol Innerview.
  4. Do the emailed or printed results show students' individual responses? Yes. Students' responses will be included in a generalized form along with the feedback.
  5. Is there a report of students who have completed the course? No. Individual students must provide their individual results directly via email or print out a copy for their records.
  6. Is there a limit on the number of students who may access Alcohol Innerview at my school? No. Purdue University has been assigned an Login ID and we can use it as many times as we like.
  7. Is there a limit on the number of times any individual student may complete Alcohol Innerview? No. A student can complete Alcohol Innerview as many times as they like. However, they will need to create a new username each time they login.
  8. I want other colleagues in my department, on my campus, or on other campuses within my institution to utilize Alcohol Innerview. How do they get access? Alcohol Innerview is provided at no charge to any interested individual or organization. Please feel free to pass on the Web site address, Login ID and any other available information.

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