About AirLink

Purdue AirLink (PAL), the wireless network utilized on the University’s West Lafayette campus, connects wireless-ready laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices to the Internet. PAL is accessible in most areas on campus, including academic buildings, administrative buildings and the common areas of most residence halls.

PAL3.0 is the current version available. It enables individuals to have fast and safe Wi-Fi coverage. All connections are authenticated and encrypted to help protect your data. 

For more help connecting, or for detailed information about Wi-Fi at Purdue, please visit: 

For details on the IT standards that apply to Wi-Fi at Purdue, please visit:

WiFi Location Data

Purdue's wireless infrastructure (PAL) and associated Wi-Fi access points are managed by ITaP and provide, monitor and maintain Wi-Fi network connectivity for faculty, students, staff, and guests on the West Lafayette campus.

As part of this work, the system collects basic location data as wireless devices (e.g., computers, phones, tablets, etc.) connect to different Wi-Fi access points and as they move across campus. Information such as the Career Account, device (type, MAC address), and the name/location of the access point are captured and currently retained for a period of 2 years.*

*In light of the public health situation caused by COVID-19, Wi-Fi location data will be retained for 2 years beyond the end of the pandemic.

Available Wireless Services 


If your organization is a participant in Eduroam, please visit the site below for information about connecting: 


The AT&T WiFi network is available at no cost to guests at the University.  For more help, please visit: 

Guest Requests

  • Purdue staff members may request AirLink account(s) for distribution to Purdue guest(s) for legitimate purposes, such as access to Purdue resources while on campus. Requests can be made for: