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The following programs were developed in the Agronomy Department at Purdue University and are available for downloading. Click on the link in the Software column to jump to that program's home page.

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Description Requirements
Manure Management Planner 0.38
Uses field, crop, storage, animal and equipment data that you enter to create nutrient management plans for crop and animal feeding operations. Supports 45 states.

Windows 7 or later
MapWindow GIS + MMP Tools 0.16
Free GIS front-end that can be used with MMP and Irris Scheduler to lay out fields, determine soils and generate maps. Also includes research plots design tool. Works in all states. Windows 7 or later + .NET 2.0
Irris Scheduler 1.37
Uses field, crop and weather data that you enter to estimate soil moisture and the amount and timing of irrigation applications. Also estimates soil nitrogen losses and availability. Supports all 50 U.S. states, as well as Canadian provinces and international locations. Supports both U.S. and metric units. Windows 7 or later

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