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Harm HogenEsch

Contact Information
Email: hogenesch@purdue.edu
Office: VPTH 101 Map
Phone: (765) 494-0596
Fax: (765) 494-9830
Homepage: Homepage
Associate Dean for Research, School of Veterinary Medicine

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DVM University of Utrecht 1984
Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1989

Research Interests

Immunology of aging, vaccine development and vaccine safety, immunopathology of allergic diseases

Teaching Interests

Web-based learning of Immunology Advanced Immunology (VPB620) Principles of Medical Immunology (LCME514)


United States Department of Agriculture
private foundations and companies
National Institutes of Health

Selected Publications

Renninger ML, Seymour RE, Whiteley LO, Sundberg JP, HogenEsch H (2009) Anti-IL5 decreases the number of eosinophils but not the severity of dermatitis in SHARPIN-deficient mice. Exp Dermatol, in press.

Sharma A, Bangari DS, Tandon M, Pandey AK, HogenEsch H and Mittal SK (2009) Comparative analysis of vector biodistribution, persistence and gene expression following intravenous delivery of bovine, porcine and human adenoviral vectors in a mouse model. Virology, 386:44-54.

Hansen B, Belfast M, Soung G, Song L, Egan PM, Capen R, HogenEsch H, Mancinelli R, Hem SL (2009) Effect of the strength of adsorption of hepatitis B surface antigen to aluminum hydroxide adjuvant on the immune response. Vaccine, 27:888-892.

Cantor GH, Caswell JL, Crissman JW, Gillette DM, Gunson DE, HogenEsch H, Kiupel M, Mense MG, Miller MA, Rush LJ, Leger JA, Schoeb TR, Sellers RS, Sills RC, Swayne DE, Thomas HC, Ward JM, Alden CL (2009) Editorial - Veterinary Pathology and peer review. Vet Pathol 46:173-5.

O'Malley JT, Eri RD, Stritesky GL, Mathur AN, Chang H-C, HogenEsch H, Srinivasan M, Kaplan MH (2008) STAT4 isoforms differentially regulate Th1 cytokine production and the severity of inflammatory bowel disease. J Immunol, 181, 5062-5070.

Waning DL, Li B, Jia N, Naaldijk Y, Goebel WS, HogenEsch H, Chun KT (2008) Cul4A is required for hematopoietic cell viability and its deficiency leads to apoptosis. Blood, 112: 320-329.

Langohr IM, HogenEsch H, Stevenson GW, Sturek M (2008) Vascular-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (VALT) in swine (sus scrofa). Comparative Med, 58:168-173.

Miller M, Kiupel M, St Leger J, Swayne D, Ward J, Caswell J, Crissman J, Gillette D, Gunson D, HogenEsch H, Mense M, Schoeb T, Sellers R, Sills R, Thomas H, Alden C (2008) Editorial - Should we kill the case report? (2008) Vet Pathol 45:123.

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