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Hyun Joo Kwon

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Email: Kwon69@purdue.edu
Office: PAO 2196 Map
Phone: (765)-494-3055
Fax: (765)-496-2076
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Assistant Professor of Interior Design

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Ph.D. Virginia Tech 2012

Research Interests

Environmental design for an aging society, residential design, universal design, and smart home

Teaching Interests

Residential design, human factors in space design, design process


Korea Research Foundation Research Grant
Virginia Tech International Scholars Grant

Selected Publications

Kwon, H. J., Lee, H., & Beamish, J. O. (2016). U.S. Boomers’ lifestyle and residential preferences for later life. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering. 15(2), 255-262. [A&HCI]

Kwon, H. J. (2016). A Study on Amenities, Services, and Location of Senior Housing Community for Independent Living in the United States: A case study using NVivo. Journal of the Architectural Institute of Korea. 32(3), 3-12. [KCI]

Kim, S., Lee, S., Kwon, H. J., & Ahn, M. (2016). Zero-energy home development in Korea: Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design features and future directions. Housing and Society. 42(3). 222-238.

Kwon, H. J., & Lee, H. (2015). Housing value clusters and housing characteristics of young renters in South Korea. Journal of the Korean Housing Association. 26(6), 43-52. [KCI]

Kwon, H. J., Ahn, M., Lee, S., & Kim, S. (2015). U.S. Boomer’s Residential Satisfaction and Desire to Age in Place. Journal of Housing for the Elderly. 29 (4), 348-372. [SCOPUS]

Kwon, H. J., & Hwang, E. (2015). U. S. Fair Housing Amendments Act and home accessibility. Journal of the Korean Housing Association. 26 (5), 19-26. [KCI]

Lee, S., Ahn, M., Kwon, H. J., & Kim, S. (2015). Housing satisfaction of 55+ single-person householders in U.S. urban communities. Journal of the Korean Housing Association. 26 (5), 27-35. [KCI]

Kwon, H. J. (2015). Intention to move, reasons for considering moving, and future housing preferences of senior residents living in multifamily housing in the United States. Journal of the Korean Housing Association. 26(4), 1-10. [KCI]

Kwon, H. J. & Beamish, J. O. (2014). Segmentation analysis of U.S. older adults living in multifamily housing: Reasons for moving. International Journal of Consumer Studies. 38(4), 427-434. [SSCI]

Kwon, H. J. (2014). U.S. Baby Boomer's reasons for moving and intention to move after retirement. Journal of the Korean Housing Association. 25 (5), 73-82. [KCI]

Kwon, H. J. & Beamish, J. O. (2013). Older adults in multifamily housing: Residential satisfaction and intention to move. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal. 42(1), 40-54.

Kwon, H. (2009). Evaluation of accessibility of apartment complexes in USA: An example of Foxridge Apartment, VA. Journal of Digital Interaction Design, 8(2), 43-50.

Kwon, H., Lee, S., & Lee, Y. (2008). Elderly needs on aging-friendly digital home and its design approach - Preliminary research. Architectural Institute of Korea, 24(7), 21-28.

Lee, S., Kwon, H., Lee, Y., & Min, B. (2007). Analysis of universal design bathroom products supporting aging in place of the elderly. Architectural Institute of Korea, 23(12), 125-134.

Lee, Y., Lim, J., Lim, C., & Kwon, H. (2007). The need for environmental improvement based on living behavior of the physically disabled. Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment, 7(3), 49-56.

Lee, Y., Lee, S., Min, B., Kwon, H., & Oh, S. (2006). Analysis of kitchen products for sustainable living of the elderly using five universal design principles. Korea Institute of Ecological Architecture and Environment, 6(4), 57-68.

Hwang, E., Kwon, H. J., Beamish, J. O., & Koh, S. (2014). Aging in place: A rural-urban comparison in Jeju Island, South Korea. Housing and Society.

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