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Michael Vuolo

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Email: mvuolo |at| purdue.edu
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Phone: 765-496-1476
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Assistant Professor of Sociology

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Ph.D. University of Minnesota Sociology 2009
M.S. University of Minnesota Statistics 2007
M.S. University of Minnesota Financial Mathematics 2011

Research Interests

Crime, Law, and Deviance; Sociology of Work and Education; Statistics and Methodology

Teaching Interests

Criminology, Sociology of Law, Statistics


2013 - National Institute on Drug Abuse


Sarah Lageson, Mike Vuolo, and Christopher Uggen. 2014. "Legal Ambiguity in Managerial Assessments of Criminal Records." Law & Social Inquiry. Early view online.

Mike Vuolo, Christopher Uggen, and Sarah Lageson. 2014. "Taste Clusters of Music and Drugs: Evidence from Three Analytic Levels." British Journal of Sociology. Early view online.

Mike Vuolo, Jeylan T. Mortimer, and Jeremy Staff. 2014. "Adolescent Precursors of Pathways from School to Work." Journal of Research on Adolescence 24(1):145-62.

Mike Vuolo and Jeremy Staff. 2013. "Parent and Child Cigarette Use: A Longitudinal, Multigenerational Study." Pediatrics 132(3):e568-e577.

Mike Vuolo. 2013. "National-Level Drug Policy and Young People's Illicit Drug Use: A Multilevel Analysis of the European Union." Drug and Alcohol Dependence 131(1-2):149-56.

Mike Vuolo. 2013. "The Criminal Law and Public Health Context of Drug Policy Support among Young People in the European Union." International Journal of Comparative Sociology 54(1):3-28.

Mike Vuolo, Jeremy Staff, and Jeylan T. Mortimer. 2012. "Weathering the Great Recession: Psychological and Behavioral Trajectories in the Transition from School to Work." Developmental Psychology 48(6):1759-73.

Mike Vuolo. 2012. "Placing Deviance in a Legal and Local Context: A Multilevel Analysis of Cigarette Use in the European Union." Social Forces 90(4):1377-1402.

Mayumi Uno, Jeylan T. Mortimer, Minzee Kim, and Mike Vuolo. 2010. "'Holding On' or 'Coming to Terms' with Educational Underachievement: A Longitudinal Study of Ambition and Attainment." New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development 130:41-56.

Mike Vuolo and Candace Kruttschnitt. 2008. "Prisoners' Adjustment, Correctional Officers, and Context: The Foreground and Background of Punishment in Late Modernity." Law & Society Review 42(2):307-36.

Jeylan T. Mortimer, Mike Vuolo, Jeremy Staff, Sara Wakefield, and Wanling Xie. 2008. "Tracing the Timing of 'Career' Acquisition in a Contemporary Youth Cohort." Work and Occupations 35(1):44-84.

Candace Kruttschnitt and Mike Vuolo. 2007. "The Cultural Context of Women Prisoners' Mental Health: A Comparison of Two Prison Systems." Punishment & Society 9(2):115- 50.

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